ONE PR Studio is a full-service, industry-leading PR organization that specializes in all forms of interactive and digital entertainment. Founded and led by industry veterans, our main goal is to form strategic partnerships that produce creative campaigns which, in turn, lead to impactful and meaningful results. We work hand-in-hand with our partners, focusing on their specific needs, as we fine tune their messaging and amplify their voices to reach their target customers.

Regardless of the scale of your project or your company, ONE PR Studio’s first goal is always to listen to your vision. What is your objective? Whom do you want to reach? What is your primary message, and how can we help you focus and perfect that message? Once we understand your vision, we’re able to utilize all of our company’s vast experience to formulate a creative, well-targeted, and tightly budgeted campaign to broadcast that vision to the media. Our combination of sound strategy and unrivaled media relationships will deliver your story to the right outlets at the right time, every time.


We are not a PR agency. We pride ourselves on being a strategic and collaborative PR partner. That’s the ONE PR Studio way. 


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