Tripwire Interactive Enlists Aussies With Free Bushranger Content Update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Available Now

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Killing Floor 2 - Bushranger

Tripwire Interactive Enlists Aussies With Free Bushranger Content Update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Available Now

First Major Content Update Adds Australian Forces, New Weapons, Maps, Customization Options, and More; On Sale for 50% Off Through December 1st

ROSWELL, GA – Nov. 28, 2017 – Tripwire Interactive is excited to release the Bushranger Content Update, the first free major content update for the award-winning tactical shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, which debuted for PC via Steam earlier this year in May. The Australians were a major player on the anti-Communist side of the war for 10 years, between 1962 and 1972, along with supporting elements from New Zealand. Now playable in today’s update, the Australian forces come with new unique customization options and specially recorded voice-over.


To celebrate this milestone, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is featured on Steam’s Midweek Madness sale for 50% off! This sale is live and will end on Dec. 1st at 10 a.m. PST.


The Bushranger Content Update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam includes:


  • New Weapons
    • L1A1 SLR – The backbone of the Australian Army’s arsenal, this 7.62 NATO semi-automatic is available for the grunt class
    • L2A1 LMG – Machine gunners will be able to choose this fully automatic version of the L1A1, with an added bipod and fire selector for precision aiming
    • Owens SMG – First brought into service during World War II, the gravity-assisted 9mm machine carbine was still used by troops during Vietnam
    • F1 SMG – Similar to the British Sterling, this 9mm submachine gun comes with semi and full automatic fire modes and a detachable bayonet
    • Browning Hi-Power Pistol – Semi-automatic 9mm sidearm sporting a 13-round magazine
  • New Maps
    • Long Tan – NLF forces will be tasked with attacking a defensive position set in a rubber plantation on a dark and stormy night
    • Rung Sac – Battle in the Vietnamese marshlands, culminating with a last stand in an old Indochina-era fortress
    • Operation Forrest – A large-scale map taking place across swamps and farmland, this map features the games longest engagement distances to-date
  • New Commander Ability
    • The Canberra Bomber – Australian Forces commanders can now call in English Electric Canberra bombers to carpet bomb an area along a set path. New UI features have been added to help commanders direct the trajectory of this ability as well as the existing Napalm Strike ability
  • New Vehicle
    • Huey ‘Bushranger’ Attack Helicopter – Complete with folding-fin aerial rockets (FFAR) and adjustable miniguns for the pilot and co-pilot, and dual mounted M60 door guns for passengers
  • Bug fixes and improvements in response to community feedback


For full, detailed patch notes for the Bushranger Content Update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, please visit:


Check out following trailer for today’s Bushranger Content Update here:


Bushranger Content Updaet


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