ONE PR Studio is composed of passionate PR professionals. Our team includes gaming, technology and entertainment aficionados motivated by passion and creativity. We’ve worked at, and for, top gaming companies including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Square Enix, LucasArts/LucasFilms, Eidos, Riot Games, Perfect World Entertainment; along with Future Publishing. We provide unrivaled gaming and editorial experience to our partners!

Meet the ONE PR Studio Senior Management:


JW-bio-300Jeane Wong  |  CEO & Co-founder

  • About me: Publicist by day, wife/mother at night, animal lover all the time
  • Gaming skills: I rule at Ms. Pac-Man and Super Puzzle Fighter
  • Life goals: Hike to Machu Picchu and be an alpaca farmer
  • Life motto: Be great

Jeane is a passionate and highly knowledgeable PR professional with more than 25 years of gaming industry experience—PR is in her blood. As the head of ONE PR Studio, Jeane is committed to delivering exceptional service and results to every partner in a rapidly evolving digital world.


She has worked on almost every gaming platform and genre, and has positioned ONE PR Studio to be on the forefront of new trends and innovations—online, mobile, free-to-play and virtual reality. Jeane has personally supported over 2,500 product launches to date, making her one of the most experienced and savvy gaming publicists in the world. She has worked with a wide array of developers, publishers, film and music partners, and high profile talent, and has managed dozens of corporate branding and seven figure dollar investment initiatives as well as high profile, multi-million unit selling campaigns along with countless press tours, events and trade shows.

Jeane started in the industry on the agency side for clients including IDSA’s E3 trade show, 7th Level, Spectrum Holobyte, New World Computing, Creative Wonders and Playboy Home Entertainment. She then made the move in house at Electronic Arts, then the world’s largest game publisher, where she had an amazing seven-year tenure culminating in her role as Director of PR overseeing EA Games. She managed an internal staff and launched a blockbuster array of licensed and original IP—007 James Bond franchise, The Lord of the Rings series, Battlefield games, Need for Speed series, WCW franchise, Def Jam Vendetta, NBA Street, Black & White, SSX, Jane’s Combat Simulation franchise and Majestic, to name a few. She also worked on events and special projects, including launching EA Trax, the music label, and EA SPORTS Big. Her vision and media prowess led her and her team to secure 12 different gaming magazine covers in a row spanning one entire year and reflecting various EA titles, a once in a lifetime feat that no other publicist can claim.

She co-founded ONE PR Studio to bring the veteran PR leadership and experience she gained to the evolving market of independent developers and publishers leading digital entertainment forward. Her desire to stay on the forefront of industry trends is reflected in the company’s diverse portfolio of partners and the creative campaigns developed to support each one. Working in a creative and collaborative manner with her partners fuels her enthusiastic pragmatism and well-honed strategic sensibilities. Jeane is well-regarded within the media community, and is often called upon by her editorial peers for strategic discussions and insights.

Born in Taiwan, Jeane has lived in multiple US cities but calls Texas her home state. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Journalism degree, Concentration in Public Relations, she is married with two boys and a host of animals who keep her on her toes.




Kjell Vistad  |  Vice President of PR & Business Development

  • About me: Family, friends, games, music, art, cats, whiskey
  • Gaming skills: Madden, old school shooter junkie , came up in the arcade —”I got next”
  • Life goals: Find a way to leave the world a better place – CatRanch™
  • Life motto: One good thing about music—when it hits you, you feel no pain

Kjell is an 22+ year gaming industry veteran, and communications professional who combines practical experience gained from fighting in the trenches of Production with forward-thinking vision to recognize and create new opportunities in his career in games PR and Marketing. A lifelong gamer, his passion merges with the professional in his deep knowledge of games and the games industry. He’s been an entrepreneur, a musician and producer/DJ, has worked in music / music licensing and even a one-time leader in the body adornment industry.


At ONE PR Studio, he leads internals teams and oversees partnerships, with a focus on strategy, vision and key executional details to ensure each campaign pays off with stellar results. Proof of the benefits in this approach lie in the more than 40 print covers across countless games he’s garnered in his career. From the days of Atari onward, Kjell has been interested in videogames, citing Metal Gear and Tecmo Super Bowl on NES and Herzog Zwei on the SEGA Genesis as early transformative influences. And they said playing all those games wouldn’t pay off…

He moved to California in the late 90’s to work at Eidos Interactive, where he paid his dues and built his foundation in QA. After climbing the ranks in QA, he eventually transitioned into PR, touching every facet of the role as he worked his way up from Coordinator to PR Manager, ultimately managing global teams, notable products and recognized industry visionaries—Warren Spector and Ion Storm team for Deus Ex and Thief —and major IP such as Tomb Raider and Hitman. He worked closely with Amy Hennig and Crystal Dynamics on the Legacy of Kain franchise, Omikron: The Nomad Soul with David Bowie, Daikaitana with John Romero and Free Radical, developers on the PlayStation 2 launch title, Time Splitters and its sequel. Working with movie franchises, Hollywood talent, and musical artists on multiple campaigns, he also had his own music featured alongside the likes of Bad Brains and Sick of it All on the official Backyard Wrestling 2 soundtrack. He then moved to Ubisoft as a Senior PR Manager to spearhead the launch of Ghost Recon for Xbox 360 and PS3, and over four years, managed global teams, and worked with a host of notable developers and their teams—Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Rayman Raving Rabbids with Michel Ancel, a launch title for the Nintendo Wii, including Ubi’s first true social media campaign—resulting in Kjell winning a coveted Bulldog Award for Excellence in Media Relations & Publicity.

Kjell managed marketing and business development for a group of independent Grammy-winning composers and sound designers and worked with ONE PR Studio as a consultant on a number of campaigns before joining full time as a Director in 2012.

He is an animal lover and a musician/DJ who is the owner of one of the most impressive beards in the gaming industry.



Sonia Im  |  Senior Director

  • About me: Ocean, music, food, color obsessed, forest animals
  • Gaming skills: Tekken 2, Time Crisis (Arcade), Beatmania, Forza, Pinball
  • Life goals: To leave the Earth with a clean conscience, and never negatively impact a life.
  • Life motto: If you see an opportunity to bring positively to a living being even for just a moment, do it. The impact it makes in their lives can last a lifetime.

Sonia is a PR leader, a strong advocate for indie developers, and a skilled proponent of corporate communication best practices. With over 24 years of professional experience including 18 years in games PR, she joined the ranks of ONE PR Studio after serving as a senior level consultant. A former ONE PR client herself, Sonia came onboard with full appreciation for the power of collaborative efforts and results achieved by the team—and puts the same effort and principles into action on her projects every day.


As Director, she is a positive force who works closely with her colleagues to mentor and manage staff. Her passion for creative art, story and innovation fuels her desire to continually create new programs and opportunities for her partners while leveraging her media relationships.

Sonia got her start as PR Manager / Senior Editor at comics publisher, Top Cow Productions, where she eventually managing comic book licensing partnerships for Square Enix properties such as Tomb Raider. This partnership forged an offer to join Square Enix’s PR team as PR Manager, where she spent ten years and eventually left as Assistant Director leading the North America office and managing a team of six as well as PR agencies. She shepherded launching and building key franchises such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution in addition to a host of other titles. Key events she managed included E3 press conferences with up to 400 attendees, a celebrity-sprinkled launch event for Kingdom Hearts and an official Final Fantasy XII Day in NYC with festivities in Times Square as well as participation in industry conferences—E3, PAX, GDC and Comic-Con. Hallmarks of her success include E3 cover stories with publications such as Nintendo Power, Game Informer, and PlayStation: The Official Magazine and product covers with EGM, PC Gamer, PSM, Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine.

Sonia also directed key corporate initiatives including establishing and leading the Global Communications team where she built bridges between North America, the head office in Japan, and Europe. Meeting with high level executives with a mission of educating and guiding all territories, she helped ensure that market differences between Asia and the West were understood and implemented. She also led Square Enix’s entry in social media by creating the company’s first Twitter account that eventually created more traffic and news than the company’s official websites.

After leaving Square Enix in 2011 she went freelance to fulfill her desire to work with indie developers, as well as consulting with ONE PR Studio before officially joining the company in 2012.

Sonia studied at Santa Monica College with a double major in Photography and Commercial Design. She resides in the Los Angeles area and continues to advocate for Indie Games.



Scott Fry  |  Senior Director

  • About me: I’m just an easy going guy that loves video games
  • Gaming skills: Come across me online and I’ll bust a cap in yo ass
  • Life goals: Be gooder
  • Life motto: Don’t treat life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive

A classically trained musician Scott has been a lifelong gamer. With over 25 years of industry experience and a skill set honed in both agency and in-house, Scott brings well-rounded knowledge, mastery of social media and a deep-seeded passion to everything he works on.


He started his gaming career in the mid-90s at early companies Sanctuary Woods/Theatrix Interactive and Opcode Interactive, where he managed the materials and production departments including overseeing large teams and multiple vendors. He moved to LucasArts in 1999 where he spent seven years as Operations and World-Wide Materials Manager, overseeing the global efforts of materials and inventory for all LucasArts’ titles world-wide including high profile titles: Empire at War, Star Wars Battlefront and various Star Wars compilation packs. At LucasArts, his enthusiasm to learn and explore new areas of the business led him to also work with the in house PR team on events which sparked his interest in publicity and events management, which had him involved with multiple E3 trade shows.

In 2006, he joined his former LucasArts mentor, at ONE PR Studio to fulfill his destiny of becoming a publicity professional. Scott quickly built a solid foundation as a PR Coordinator, and continued to grow his skills and responsibilities, which led him to get promoted multiple times as he took on more significant roles and launched over 30 products for a variety of partners including SEGA, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and XSEED Games. He also helped to lead the gaming media campaign for the theatrical release of, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, working closely with Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films in order to leverage and cross-promote aspects of the game during the movie campaign, as we as managing Hollywood talent.

Wanting to take on new challenges and acquire a different take on the industry, Scott moved in-house at Ubisoft where he spent six years and launched over 200 games, traveled the world, forged solid development relationships, managed teams and a host of vendors. He oversaw the launches of popular franchises: Just Dance, Petz and the Imagine series, which started his path down initiating influencer/streamer programs which has become an established resource within the company, as well as managing a host of celebrity engagements.  His crowning jewels during his tenure included leading large-scaled campaigns for AAA titles including The Division, Far Cry, which went on to win Best PR Campaign at the 2015 Game Marketing Awards and was named a finalist at the PR New Platinum PR Awards for 2015, and Rocksmith franchises. His exposure to the company’s indie-inspired games, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, reignited his passion for working on new IP, more creative games and smaller teams.

He returned to ONE PR Studio in 2016, as a Director to feed his interest for working with the best in the industry on a diverse portfolio of campaigns with global partners – from large publishers to small indie teams.  He inspires his colleagues and teams with his infectious positivity, team-spirit and desire to be all that you can be and do.

A native of Pennsylvania, Scott calls the Bay Area home and is fluent in Spanish. His love for life, food, music and travel keeps him busy when he’s not playing video games.





Erica Stein  |  Head of Operations & Events

  • About me: Professional problem solver, loving Mom, libations connoisseur
  • Gaming skills: Casual gamer with a deep appreciation for art & technology behind the scene
  • Life goal: Happiness
  • Life motto: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”  —Albert Einstein

Erica Stein is an organizational, human resources and events professional specializing in the digital entertainment and video game industries, with over 30 years of experience.


With significant experience in operations management and HR, Erica started her entertainment career at BAM Media, the former publisher of BAM Magazine (Bay Area Music) and MicroTimes, which was the nation’s largest regional computer magazine. At BAM, she held various roles within the company starting as the Executive Assistant to the President, then promoted to Office Manager, and as the company grew, became the first HR Director. She also gained significant event planning and management skills working on the BAMMIES (Bay Area Music Awards).

A keen interest in film and interactive media led Erica to digital entertainment, where she flourished at the world’s most renowned special effects, production and gaming companies. As the first Recruiting Manger at George Lucas’ Lucas Digital /Industrial Light & Magic, Erica was responsible not only for the development of the recruiting department, but the recruitment processes and implementation of recruiting innovations for all levels and professions within the Lucas franchise. At ILM, she managed a department of seven recruiters, established relationships with the nation’s top universities, and was responsible for the company’s growth during a pivotal time when ILM was leading the industry in ground-breaking special effects technology.

Erica moved on to focus her talents in the interactive entertainment world as a Recruiter at Maxis, the acclaimed Electronic Arts studio behind the Sim City franchise. She was in charge of all recruiting efforts, including sourcing and hiring high-level executive, creative, production and support talent at a significant point in the company’s history, as the gaming industry began to gain huge momentum in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Erica’s diverse experience made her perfectly situated for a broad HR, operations and executive role within a dynamic startup organization. For the past decade, she has served as Operations Director at ONE PR Studio, where she wears a number of hats. She has developed the company’s HR policies and practices, assists with the company’s accounting procedures, and manages IT and other vendors as well as office and resource management to ensure that day-to-day operations are seamless and efficient. She also operates as Events and Special Projects Manager, helping to coordinate venues and vendors for PR events and trade shows.

Erica’s drive and passion for organization, employee programs, company culture and attention to detail are apparent in timely and efficient event management and execution as well as the everyday operation of ONE PR Studio.

A graduate of California State University Sacramento, Erica lives in Walnut Creek, California where she has raised three children.