Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown Release Introduces New Fan-Favorite PvP Event

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Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown Release Introduces New Fan-Favorite PvP Event

Grav-Lev Improvements, New Drake Cutlass Steel Ship, and More Included in Latest Update for the
Expanding Universe of Star Citizen


LOS ANGELES – Dec. 22, 2021 – Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) announced today the release of the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update. Scheduled to launch at 10:00 a.m. (PST), today’s release marks the introduction of the newest in-game server-wide dynamic event called Jumptown 2.0 – inspired by the original fan-favorite PvP event Jumptown – which finds both law enforcement and criminal factions across the ‘verse gathering to battle for control of an overabundance of illegal narcotics. Expect large-scale battles around old and new event locations as players either team up to secure the drugs or deliver them to criminal hands.


In addition, players more interested in their pilot’s personal journey can look forward to more PvE Star Citizen content later in the 3.16 patch cycle in January, with Derelict Ships that offer traps to avoid, puzzles to solve, and valuable rewards to secure. Head here for full details about the Jumptown 2.0 PvP event, and the new Derelict Puzzles PvE mission expansions coming during the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown cycle.


“2021 has been another fantastic year for Star Citizen and our amazing community, and I’m excited for us to end the year with another explosive Dynamic Event in Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown,” said Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts. “Long-term players remember the emergent PvP Jumptown battles from the early days of the Persistent Universe. We’ve taken the intense action from the old event as inspiration for Jumptown 2.0, which promises to deliver the exhilarating and large-scale battlefields we want to see more of in Star Citizen. On top of that, today in 3.16.0 we are also adding big improvements to the handling of hover vehicles, a new Cutlass Steel dropship, and a few more surprises for our players. And later in January in 3.16.1, we’ll be adding Derelict Ship Graveyards and hidden treasures protected by deadly traps.”

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update key features include:

  • Jumptown 2.0: Inspired by the popular PvP community event where players waged war over valuable drug resources, Jumptown 2.0 seeks to introduce the excitement and chaos of largescale PvP ground conflicts in Star Citizen. During this event, both Lawful and Criminal players will race to battle over control of valuable drug crates at various outposts in the Stanton system.
  • Drake Cutlass Steel: This dropship variant of the Drake Cutlass replaces cargo capacity with room for 18 jump seats to transport troops to the frontlines of battle, along with a variety of weaponry, including door-mounted guns, manned and remote turrets, ballistic Gatling guns, laser repeaters, and a powerful payload of missiles.
  • Grav-Lev Physics Rework: Hover bikes will see major improvements following a significant rework of the flight and driving model for grav-lev vehicles. The result is improved handling, stability, and a far better experience for hover bikes moving forward.
  • Atmospheric Bounties: Bounty hunters can now pursue contracts above the caves on microTech, outposts on ArcCorp, and more with new bounties across Stanton, including targets hiding in-atmosphere across all of the system’s major planets.


Players can expect further improvements following today’s Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update, coming at the end of January as an Alpha 3.16.1 release and ahead of the next Alpha 3.17 update.

  • Derelict Puzzles: A number of derelict ships have been discovered throughout the Stanton region. Explore and navigate through the wreckage, avoid deadly laser trip mines, and recover valuable cargo in these new derelict variants.


For full details on the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update, please head here. Players interested in what each development team is working on are encouraged to visit the Star Citizen Progress Tracker and roadmap on the official website.


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For further information, including how to download and play Star Citizen, visit the official website. Enlist today and join this ever-expanding universe by visiting the game’s Welcome Hub and Guide System for tips on how to play. Millions of players from around the world have already joined to help CIG build the most ambitious game ever made. For continued updates, keep up with Star Citizen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.


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