Space Leaper: Cocoon Warps Onto iOS and Android Devices Today with Over One Million Pre-registrants

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Space Leaper: Cocoon Warps Onto iOS and Android Devices Today with Over One Million Pre-registrants

Collect and Assemble an All-star Team of Leapers to Fight Dynamic Missions Across a Vast Galaxy

Hong Kong ‒ Aug. 18, 2022 ‒ An intergalactic quest across time and space awaits!  Mobile video game company, Damo Games, today released the intergalactic mobile card RPG Space Leaper: Cocoon for iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Since pre-registration for Space Leaper: Cocoon began in July, over one million eager explorers have signed up to join the fight for “[Cocoon]”! All players can also use the gift code “2THEMOON” to receive 100 Diamonds and two Particle Pills.

Damo Games is also excited to debut its partnership with Doranana, a charismatic new Vtuber bringing content from the distant future! Doranana is a NeoFeline based on Space Leaper: Cocoon’s protagonist who uses their bubbly personality and charm to introduce players to the world of Space Leaper: Cocoon via their channels on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Fans of Doranana can look forward to their music single, “Doranana”, coming this September.


Space Leaper: Cocoon takes place in the year 3242 after a cosmic explosion over a decade ago has led to the collapse of society and cosmic shockwaves threaten the livelihood of those who remain. The surviving species, called “Leapers”, formed a new home called [Cocoon], a technologically advanced spaceship, and now travel the fragmented space in search of cosmic shards to weave the universe together once again. The player enters the game in the year 2022 and downloads a mobile app that transcends the laws of space and time to connect to the [Cocoon] Terminal System in 3242. However, in doing so, the cross-temporal connection overloads the system. Survival on the [Cocoon] is now in the player’s hands!

Travel across the galaxy and take control of the Leapers, a group of colorful, anthropomorphic creatures born from cosmic radiation, who serve the Cocoon organization and its mission. Create a dynamic team, explore new worlds, and engage in intense missions as the Leapers charge into battle in fast-paced auto-battler-style gameplay. Collect a multitude of unique Leapers to strengthen the team and form new strategies. Players also can look forward to growing their collection as additional Leapers are released!

Space Leaper: Cocoon is a Free-to-Play mobile game with in-app purchase options, published by Damo Games, and available now for iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information and content for Space Leaper: Cocoon, follow their social channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

About Damo Games

Damo Games publishes mobile games for players in Asia and globally with titles such as the highly popular action title, Bleach: Immortal Soul in Taiwan and South Korea and Touhou Project. Focused on developing games with high production values in multiple languages, Space Leaper: Cocoon is just one of the company’s premier games planned for release in 2022.