Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns Launches Today, Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch™ System

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Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns Launches Today,
Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch


Experience the Original Match-3 RPG Series That Started It All,
Now Featuring over 100 New Quests, Five New Classes


Encino, Calif. — Sept. 19, 2019 – Experience the best, most complete, and definitive Puzzle Quest experience to date with Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns. Out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch™ system and available to purchase and download digitally on the Nintendo eShop, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns builds on the award-winning Match-3 RPG gameplay that surprised and delighted players around the world when Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords first launched for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems in 2007 — and offers a treasure chest full of brand-new content, including new quests, classes, spells, items, and more!

All this comes in addition to the original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion content remastered for 1080p on Nintendo Switch. Players can also look forward to over 100 new quests in a brand-new story mode experience billed as Attack of the Golem Lord.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is a unique match-3 puzzle game wrapped in a deep and immersive strategy and role-playing experience.  Explore the many locations within the kingdom of Etheria, deep in the Agarian Forest, rekindling relationships or making new ones along your path.  Head into battle and match three or more gems in a row to gain mana used to cast spells, clash with opponents, collect items and rewards, increase experience, and ultimately be VICTORIOUS!

Select from your favorite character classes or choose from one of five new classes including Blood Mage, Priest, Monk, Paladin, and Elementalist.  Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns brings more than 100 new quests, spells, and items, and a host of new monsters, bosses, and more!

Test your skills in an epic journey against monsters and villains to save the kingdom of Etheria.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is now available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. A trial demo with access to three classes and a level cap of seven is also available to download today.

“It’s humbling that after over a decade, players are still talking about Puzzle Quest,” says Puzzle Quest series creator and developer Steve Fawkner. “This re-mastered release of the original Challenge of the Warlords was a true labor of love, created for both longtime fans and new players alike.”



Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns | Key Features

  • More Quests! Adventure awaits with over 240 quests and 100 brand-new quests, including branching quests involving meaningful player choices — and expanded story and lore for returning players.
  • More Classes! In addition to eight returning classes from previous titles, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns features five brand-new classes to level-up and master, including the Blood Mage, Priest, Monk, Paladin, and Elementalist.
  • Remastered with Love: Not content with a copy/paste port, developer Infinity Plus 2 have gone to great lengths to pack Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns with improvements based directly on player feedback and requests, including: More lore, new items that open doors to new strategies and playstyles, improved enemy AI, and a vast array of user interface and quality of life updates.
  • The original “Match-3 RPG” Experience: Puzzle Quest creator and founder of developer Infinite Interactive Steve Fawkner captured lightning in a bottle with the genre-defining Match-3 RPG release of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords in 2007.
  • Award-winning Franchise: Puzzle Quest has earned many awards and accolades from press and players alike since the original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords first launched for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems in 2007, including: Best Downloadable Game Winner (AIAS), Best Handheld Game Nominee (GDC Choice Awards), Numerous “Best of” Awards (IGN, GameSpot, Nintendo Power, E3, etc.), and many more!

To stay up to date on the latest regarding Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns, please follow the Puzzle Quest team on the official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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