Ode to Street Art – Sneak ‘n’ Paint ‘em Up Puzzler Vandals Released Today for Steam, iOS and Android

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Ode to Street Art – Sneak ‘n’ Paint ‘em Up Puzzler Vandals Released Today for Steam, iOS and Android


Launch trailer shows details of the turn-based puzzle game by indie studio Cosmografik and publisher ARTE


Paris, France – April 12, 2018 – ARTE is pleased to confirm that the turn-based puzzle game Vandals is available today for iOS and Android, priced at €4.49/£3.99/$5.49, and on Steam (PC, Mac) at €4.49/£3.99/$5.99. Vandals lets players explore the street art of five different cities, create their own artwork, and evade the authorities. Along the way, the evolution of street art can be uncovered including works by Keith Haring and Blek Le Rat.


The game’s new launch trailer can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/cpj6JzZgZBw




Vandals was born when I started to create my own street art with my collective, RaspouTeam,” said interactive designer Théo Le Du Fuentes, aka Cosmografik. “From there, I wanted to put the stresses inherent with illegal painting, the anxiety of being caught, and of course the pleasure that is covering the urban grey in bright, volatile pigments, into a video game. And so, this is Vandals: my first game set in the world of undercover urban arts.”


Players in Vandals need to sneak past police, cameras and dogs to successfully complete stencil-style graffiti designs. Aspiring artists can discover the work of real-life, iconic street artists, and learn how they have influenced urban culture in the some of the most street art-rich cities in the world, including Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.


Using Vandals’ painting tool, players also get to create and share their own, freestyle masterpieces on social networks. With accessible stealth mechanics and a progressive learning curve, Vandals encourages players to consider each possibility in a level, and carefully plan their next move, in order to collect all available bonuses across 60 increasingly challenging levels.


Vandals is made by the French indie developer Cosmografik, whose previous title, Type:Rider, earned highly positive reviews and has been downloaded more than 1,7 million times. Vandals can be played in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Players can get a taste of the game’s Paris levels by downloading a sample version from the ARTE website: vandals.arte.tv/en.


ARTE has previously acted as a co-producer for titles such as the multi-award winning Bury me, my Love, which recently won the European Google Play Indie Award. The renowned European TV and digital network is now venturing deeper into the games industry, and is looking forward to developing its portfolio with Vandals and further upcoming titles including Homo Machina.


Vandals is produced by EX NIHILO in coproduction with ARTE France and developed in partnership with Novelab.


For more details on Vandals visit vandals.arte.tv/en and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.


About ARTE
Created in 1992, ARTE is a public service European culture channel and digital network with a focus on creation and innovation. In the last decade, ARTE has co-produced a number of major interactive works, including the games Type:Rider, Californium, SENS VR and Bury me, my Love.
www.arte.tv/videogames, Twitter (Arte France) and Twitter (Arte Interactif).


About Cosmografik
Cosmografik is the brand of Paris-based interactive designer Théo Le Du Fuentes, whose work covers video games as well as animation and toys. His previous game, Type:Rider, earned highly positive reviews and has been downloaded more than 1.7  million times since 2013.Together with a team of creatives, Cosmografik is currently developing Vandals, a turn-based puzzle game about street art, which released on April 12, 2018. Find more information at the official website and Twitter.



EX NIHILO is a collective focused on the production and promotion of feature films, creative documentaries, animated films, and Interactive works. The team is united by shared values, focused on unique perspectives and the appreciation of cultural and political sensitivities surrounding every project.


EX NIHILO’s New Media productions featured the awards winning video game Type:Rider and the VR experience Notes On Blindness.



About Novelab
Novelab is a Creative Tech studio established in 2013 by AudioGaming SAS, a company specialized in next generation audio and interactive tools for movies, tv, anime and video games.


Novelab is specialized in the creation of high quality interactive experiences and has garnered international prizes like the Tribeca Storyscapes Award and the New Frontier selection at prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

http://www.novelab.net / Twitter