Nyan Heroes to Airdrop Highly Anticipated Genesis Guardian NFT on Oct. 7

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Nyan Heroes to Airdrop Highly Anticipated

Genesis Guardian NFT on Oct. 7

  Battle Royale Action Shooter Will be Offering a Free Mint
to Original Genesis Nyan NFT Holders

LOS ANGELES – Sept. 26, 2022 – The wait will soon be over as Nyan Heroes confirms the date for its highly anticipated Genesis Guardian mech drop will be on Oct. 7 at 1:00PM (UTC). Community members who already own a Genesis Nyan NFT from the previous mint can look forward to receiving this free mech to add to their collection. The neko-curious can pounce on this unique opportunity, by  acquiring a Genesis Nyan NFT before Oct. 4 at 7:00AM (UTC) via OpenSeaMagic Eden, or Solanart.

Nyan Heroes is a 60-player battle royale third-person hero shooter built on the  Solana blockchain, by a team of world-class game developers with experience building global communities and AAA franchises, including Assassin’s CreedMarvel’s AvengersDestinyGhost ReconRainbow Six, and more.

In addition to a collective wealth of AAA game development experience, the Nyan Heroes team also shares a passion for making the world a better place for cats. Making a game with cats is just the start as the company’s mission is for real world impact through awareness and charitable efforts, with the goal to save one billion real cats. Nyan Heroes has partnered with the Best Friends Animal Societyand has donated over $350,000 from funds generated from initial game activities.

“We’re proud to be at a stage of development that allows us to begin fulfilling our commitments to the Nyan Heroes community with the first of two Genesis Guardian NFTs,” said Nyan Heroes CEO and Co-Founder, Max Fu. “The early supporters who believe in our project should and will be rewarded when they see our dream come to fruition when the game launches.”

The Oct. 7 Genesis Guardian airdrop will include an unboxing experience and give Genesis Nyan NFT holders ownership to an actual mech that will be playable when the game launches.

Earn Catnip ($CTNP), the in-game token for Nyan Heroes just by playing the game. Performance-based rewards for the token will be a core part of the gameplay experience with Genesis Guardian users receiving additional $CTNP  alongside other rewards. Players can use their $CTNP to purchase upgrades for various mech parts, attain new heroes, new weapons, and cosmetics to personalize their one-of-a-kind Nyan Hero mech.

Nyan Heroes is a 60-player Battle Royale third-person hero shooter set in what remains of the once-great civilization known as “Nekovia”. Following an event known as The Second Cataclysm, the once-shining beacon of civilization now lies in ruins. Today, only a handful of Nyan remain. The world requires more Nyan Heroes with tails of steel and a positive attitude to return Nekovia to its former glory. Choose from various Guardian classes for your Nyan Hero that each come with unique advantages and special abilities tailored to various playstyles and roles.

For more information on Nyan Heroes, follow the developers on Twitter, join the community on Discord, and visit the official Nyan Heroes website. For new players interested in the play-and-earn business model and plans for the $CTNP/$NYN tokens, we encourage you to watch the Nyan Heroes Tokenomics Training Video on YouTube and read the Nyan Heroes Whitepaper to learn more.

About Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is an upcoming play-and-earn third-person shooter built on the Solana blockchain. In Nyan Heroes, players control Nyans, the cat pilots of Guardian Mechs, and engage in rapid, action-packed battle royales across the dystopian sci-fi world of Nekovia. Being developed by a team of over 40 people, with backgrounds in gaming, new media, and web3, Nyan Heroes’ goal is to create a AAA gaming experience backed by a player-centric economy focused on sustainability and scalability. Nyan Heroes is being built on the carbon-neutral Solana Blockchain, which can support all of the game’s on-chain activity with minimal impact to the planet. The Nyan Heroes team is committed to reshaping the future of gaming with a culture of kindness, raising over $350,000 towards their mission of saving one billion cats, with plans to work with more animal welfare organizations as the studio grows. For more information on Nyan Heroes, please visit  www.nyanheroes.com and follow regular updates across TwitterMedium, and Discord.

Nyan Heroes is owned by Rude Robot Studios, a Singapore-based corporation.