Maneater and Chivalry 2 Bringing Big Battles by Land and Sea to PAX EAST 2020

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Maneater and Chivalry 2 Bringing Big Battles by Land and Sea to PAX EAST 2020

Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios Showcasing First-ever Public Hands-on Demos for Maneater and Chivalry 2 at PAX East 2020


ROSWELL, Ga. – Feb. 21, 2020 Independent developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Torn Banner Studios are set to unleash a tidal wave of big battles by both land and sea with the first-ever public hands-on demos for Maneater, the action-RPG where you play as a shark, and Chivalry 2, the ultimate medieval battlefield. All this and more will be happening at PAX East 2020! Be sure to visit the Tripwire Interactive booth #18011 at the Boston Convention Center throughout the show, from Thurs., Feb. 27 through Sun., Mar. 1.

In addition to public demos, photo opportunities, swag, and the chance to meet the developers, Tripwire Interactive is also excited to announce a new partnership with Intel© Corporation for Chivalry 2, which means the game will support the latest Intel© Core™ processor and platform technologies at launch! To celebrate the partnership, Intel© Core™ powered gaming systems will be driving the Chivalry 2 portion of Tripwire’s PAX East booth and we will also be running a contest where entrants will have a chance to win an Intel® NUC Hades Canyon Mini PC along with a copy of the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry 2 upon release later in 2020! Another 50 winners will receive a Chivalry game bundle including the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and a copy of Chivalry 2 upon release. The contest starts 2/27/20 and ends on 3/2/20 (valid in US only). Look for more details in the Tripwire Interactive booth at PAX East next week as well as the various Tripwire Interactive social media channels

Attending media and content creators are encouraged to write to book an appointment.

Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios are also excited to announce that the Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha starts March 2020. Testers can sign up through the mailing list at

Maneater is a single-player action-RPG (aka a shARkPG), players must fight to survive as a baby bull shark. Grow in power as you explore a wide range of underwater environments, from swamps and rivers to beachside resorts and the deep blue sea. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and the uncanny ability to evolve as you feed. Eat, explore, and evolve the ultimate killing machine in Maneater — coming soon on May 22, 2020 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), followed by a release for the Nintendo Switch at a later date. Be sure to visit the official website and follow the Maneater team on Twitter and Facebook.

PAX East attendees can look forward to the first-ever, public hands-on demo for Maneater. Players will get a taste for blood with the game’s prologue, learn the basics of controlling an apex predator, feed on wildlife and humans, fight off shark hunters, and meet the game’s antagonist, Scaly Pete.

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles where players will experience the thrill of combat in massive 64-player battlefields brought to life. Players will immerse themselves in the sounds and sights of battle as they are thrust into iconic moments of the era, from the heavy thunder of cavalry charges to forest ambushes, sprawling castle sieges, and good old looting and pillaging. Survive waves of fiery arrows raining down from above, slay multiple enemies with a single strike and ride to war on horseback to claim glory by your blade. Riveting sound and effects ensure every blow lands with the sickening thud of steel sinking into bone. Based heavily on player feedback, Chivalry 2 also introduces a revamped, faster, and more fluid combat system that also offers an expanded range of creative choices, allowing players to perfect their own strategy and playstyle. The ability to fight through the pain while wounded or bleeding out and roll back to your feet from the ground or fight on even when down a limb gives players the chance to become a hero or die a good death. To stay up to date on the latest for Chivalry 2, be sure to visit the official Chivalry 2 websiteforumsTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

PAX East attendees will be some of the first in the world to experience the return of the ultimate medieval battlefield with Chivalry 2! Prepare yourself for battle with Team Objective Mode set on Lionspire map. Attendees are invited to fight for honor with team blue and team red in 18 vs 18 player battles.


About Tripwire Interactive

Formed in 2005 as a humble independent developer founded by gamers who found success in the video game modding community, Tripwire Interactive has developed and self-published multiple critically acclaimed titles in the wildly popular Killing Floor and Rising Storm franchises, which have collectively sold over 20 million units to date. The studio’s latest project, Maneater, breaks new ground in the popular action RPG genre and finds players taking on the role of a deadly shark with the uncanny ability to evolve as it feeds.


Since then, Tripwire Interactive has expanded its business and now turns its experience and resources to include publishing titles spanning multiple platforms and genres from other talented independent studios. Led by John Gibson, the publishing division aims to help like-minded independent studios bring their titles to market, including Chivalry 2 developed by Torn Banner Studios, Espire 1: VR Operative developed by Digital Lode, and Road Redemption developed by EQ Games and Pixel Dash Studios.

About Torn Banner Studios

Torn Banner Studios is an exciting independent video game company located in Toronto, Canada. Passion and innovation are the core elements of everything that we do. We are people that truly love games and are lucky enough to be following our dreams, thanks to the incredible support from our community.


We want to go places other companies are afraid to go, because we believe great games begin with the passion of a small group of diehard fans. Those fans have the deepest understanding and appreciation for the subject they love and a vision for how it should be presented in a game. We want to breathe life into that vision and allow more people to appreciate it. We want to take on the challenging ideas that when done well create truly powerful and unique games that are remembered. You say it can’t be done? We say bring it on.