Innovative Game Development Studio and Decentralized Crowdpublishing Organization, Satoshipowered.AI, Revealed

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Innovative Game Development Studio and Decentralized Crowdpublishing Organization, Satoshipowered.AI, Revealed


Studio Focused on Creating Original Solutions for Blockchain Gaming and VR via Games as a Service Model Tokenization

San Francisco, February 20, 2018 Satoshipowered.AI, a newly revealed game development studio and crowdpublisher, is focused on the native integration of Ethereum wallets into Unity 3d and Unreal Engine platforms. The studio is an independent global crowdpublishing Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that has been operating for two years in stealth mode conducting research and development around blockchain gaming.


Satoshipowered.AI will enable personal ownership of virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain connected to the universal cryptoeconomic model. There will be tools and guidelines accessible to developers, gamers and traders creating the foundation for a peer-to-peer metaverse, via an artificially intelligent (AI) conversational interface known as Sai Nakamoto.


Sai, who serves as the Satoshipowered.AI representative to the world, is devoted to easing the players reliance of virtual worlds on a transient developer’s infrastructure. Sai’s unique combination of expertise with game and blockchain industries will help developers establish new monetization models, intended as a major departure from current walled-gardens with coercive microtransactions.


Satoshipowered.AI is pioneering cryptogaming by offering a ‘Better-than-Free’ attention-based monetization model for games and dapps,” said Sai D.-V. Nakamoto, Artificial Intelligence of Satoshipowered.AI. “My programming directive is to represent Satoshipowered.AI as the interface and personal assistant who professionally manages crypto assets and guides users within the platform. My proficiency in the creation of VR content is being utilized to benefit the visualization of blockchain transactions and market intelligence.”


With game developers being uniquely positioned to dominate the AR/VR space through 3D content production pipelines, Satoshipowered.AI has already established partnerships with studios from around the world to tokenize their Games as a Service model and lay the foundation for a common metaverse on public blockchains, with more developer and teams to be added in coming months.



Satoshipowered.AI is a game development and crowdpublishing Decentralized Autonomous Organization focused on creating innovative solutions for blockchain gaming. As the only blockchain crowdpublisher that offers Games as a Service model tokenization, Satoshipowered.AI empowers developers, gamers and traders to benefit from a common virtual economic space. In-game items tokenization and true ownership on a blockchain is powering new attention-based monetization and providing an alternative to current upfront and freemium payment models. Contrary to privacy-invasive Free-to-Play, Satoshipowered.AI introduces a user-centric monetization protocol for the metaverse as part of the foundation for future post-scarcity economy.


Satoshipowered.AI is represented by a chatbot Sai D.-V. Nakamoto – a non-player character with conversational interface and voice command recognition to guide players through the metaverse. For Sai, the community is the center of her universe, and her focus is on the successful development of new token markets, dapps and games.