Haenir Studio and Behaviour Interactive Partner to Bring Blight: Survival to Life

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Haenir Studio and Behaviour Interactive Partner to

Bring Blight: Survival to Life


MONTREAL – April 30, 2024 – Haenir Studio and Behaviour Interactive are excited to announce their official partnership to bring Blight: Survival™ to life. First revealed in 2022, the much buzzed-about medieval action-horror co-op survival game pits up to four players against monsters and men in a visceral fight to destroy the source of the Blight, a deadly affliction that plagues the land.


Teaming up with Behaviour Interactive signals the next major phase of development for Blight: Survival,” said Haenir Studio Co-Founder, Mads Christensen. “With Blight: Survival, we set out to deliver an ambitious and unique experience for players. Being able to utilize Behaviour’s resources, expertise, and horror pedigree will be instrumental in bringing our vision to life. We’re thrilled to kick off this journey together.”


Blight: Survival takes place in the no man’s land between two desperate kingdoms locked in a ceaseless war. Within this realm of death and decay, a new strain of Blight has erupted from the remains of the fallen. Fed and strengthened by the blood that’s been spilled, it rapidly spreads – turning man into monster.


As a game we were already looking forward to playing ourselves, we couldn’t be happier about this collaboration,” shared Stephen Mulrooney, Executive Vice President at Behaviour Interactive. “Working with talented studios like Haenir Studio in this type of partnership will be a focus for us as we look to publish more and more external games in the coming years. This is the start of something new and exciting for Behaviour, and we’ll be keeping our eyes open for interesting opportunities.”


While Blight: Survival does not currently have a release date, Haenir Studio and Behaviour Interactive are eager to share more details about the game and its ongoing development in the future.


In the meantime, players interested in learning more or being first in line for all the latest Blight: Survival news can join the official Discord and wishlist the game on Steam.


About Haenir

Haenir Studio is a small independent game IP development company located in Scandinavia, who thrive to create immersive, exhilarating and fun gaming experiences.

For more information, visit www.haenir.com.


About Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is the largest Canadian gaming studio, with more than 1,300 employees worldwide. Behaviour is best known for its flagship franchise, the multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight™, which has entertained 60 million players across multiple platforms. The studio is currently expanding its portfolio of original IP with multiple projects, including the acclaimed building and raiding title Meet Your Maker™. Behaviour has also established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of external development services.


The company has partnered with many of the gaming industry’s leaders, including Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner, Netflix, and Take-Two, among many others. Over 30 years, Behaviour has developed an unparalleled, award-winning culture. The company was named one of the Best Places to Work in Canada by GamesIndustry.biz, and has been recognized with Deloitte Canada’s Enterprise Fast 15 and Best Managed Company awards. Headquartered in Montreal, Behaviour has expanded its global presence with studios in Toronto (Behaviour Toronto), Seattle (Midwinter Entertainment), the United Kingdom (Behaviour UK – North and Behaviour UK – South) and the Netherlands (Behaviour Rotterdam).
For more information, visit www.bhvr.com.


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