Game Server Services Adds Data Centers to Enhance Server Continuity Globally

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Game Server Services Adds Data Centers to Enhance Server Continuity Globally

Cloud-based game server solution CEO and Founder Kazutomo Niwa to give keynote at PocketGamer Connects: Seattle

TOKYO – May 15, 2023 – Game Server Services Inc. (GS2) announced today that it has enhanced its data centers globally including North America (Virginia, Oregon), Europe (Ireland, Germany), Asia (Singapore, India), and East Asia (Japan, South Korea). These regional enhancements improve service continuity, response times, and ability to serve more users (source). The addition of the second zone to each region synchronizes data fully between the two zones to ensure service continuity and depending on a player’s location, nearby zones can be accessed for low-latency service.  

Additionally, GS2 CEO Kazutomo Niwa will be a keynote speaker at PocketGamer Connects on May 16 (from 2:20 PM – 2:40 PM at the Grand Hyatt Seattle – Track Room 2). The session will cover the burgeoning Hybrid-Casual mobile games market and how they are designed to boost long-term engagement and revenue, and how GS2 can support the life cycle of games in this genre. This session also introduces GS2’s infrastructure to western customers as the company increases its focus on North America and Europe.

 “While the current trend in Mobile games is the Hyper-Casual market, I expect the Hybrid-Casual market to grow significantly,” said Kazutomo Niwa, CEO at GS2. “Hybrid-Casual games have a lower revenue cap, but come with development costs much lower than AAA mobile titles which allow for profitability and efficiency. My session will cover how titles in this genre generate continued revenue and player engagement through a game’s lifecycle.”

Niwa founded GS2 in 2016 and launched the service in 2020 with the goal of addressing a major pain point in game development, game server operations. Formerly a lead at Nintendo where he managed design, development, and operation of large-scale game servers, he formed GS2 with a team of industry veterans to create a game server infrastructure that fully utilizes advanced serverless technology– allowing game developers to focus on creating captivating games without expending resources on the operations and maintenance of game servers. 

Benefits of Utilizing GS2’s Game Server Infrastructure: 

  • Focusing on Game Content: Focus on creating game content without being bothered by server development and operations.
  • Hybrid-Casual Game Cycle: Utilize GS2 functions, to easily create Hybrid-Casual game cycles and obtain data for analysis to increase user engagement and monetization.
  • Smart SDK: GS2 has a smart cache to minimize actual communication between the game application and GS2 backend. GS2 supports reproducible deployment to easily manage deployment to multiple environments without manual errors.
  • No Coding Required: By utilizing the UI Kit, data can be retrieved from the server through UI components without writing any code.
  • Scalability: Even if there is a significant increase in accesses within a short period, scaling can be achieved seamlessly without any negative impact on error rate and response time.
  • Anti-Cheat Measures: Provides a system that has been designed to prevent various types of cheating, such as duplicating items or currency, resetting limits on the number of times an item can be duplicated, and so on
  • Security: Provides the highest level of security in the industry. It prevents unauthorized login using SSH, SQL injection, and other attacks targeting RDBMS, as well as attacks exploiting OS/middleware vulnerabilities.
  • Free Tools Provided: Provides standard tools and data to support your game analytics and operations.

To learn more about Game Server Services visit GS2 at PocketGamer Connect Seattle booth #3 and the official company website at:

About Game Server Services

Game Server Services Inc. (GS2) is a cloud-based game server solution for live-service games. Providing over 30 game server functions from developing in-game item/character dictionaries and managing encryption keys for confidential data to handling operations of in-game inventory management and item/currency exchange, GS2 eliminates backend server operation needs. No capacity management, server maintenance or monitoring operation to worry about. GS2 supports major game engines, programming languages, and customized server functions with strict safety and security measures in place. GS2 is led by former Nintendo HQ engineer, Kazutomo Niwa, and game veterans committed to making games simple to make again for developers.