Find Resources in the Rust in Star Citizen – Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches, Introducing Structural Salvage, New Ruined Locales to Explore, PvP Content, and More

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Find Resources in the Rust in Star Citizen – Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches, Introducing Structural Salvage, New Ruined Locales to Explore, PvP Content, and More

Fly the Alien San’tok.yai Fighter, Adventure Further in Drake’s Cutter Rambler, and Tour in Luxury in the X1 Line of Hoverbikes

LOS ANGELES – Dec. 15, 2023 – Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) today released the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches update, the fourth major patch released this year for the ambitious MMO as it continues active development. Following the release of Alpha 3.21: Mission Ready and CitizenCon 2953 in late October, CIG is beginning to deliver on commitments made during the event to bring technology and content from Squadron 42, showcased in a recent trailer, and share those advancements with Star Citizen. The first addition is the introduction of 20 diverse and inclusive new hairstyles for players to choose from, helping create more unique and authentic versions of themselves as they explore the ‘verse. Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches brings much more playable content to the PU including support for structural salvage, 15 new Derelict Settlements for players to discover and explore, three exciting new vehicles to pilot including the San’tok.yai fighter and its innovative dual-vector thrusters, new locations for the popular Jumptown PvP event, updates for the in-game Arena Commander module, and more. Citizens can also celebrate the in-game Luminalia holiday event that began on Dec. 11, and can find more details on this year’s festivities and bonuses on the dedicated event page.

Watch the Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches trailer above

2023 has been one of our biggest years yet for Star Citizen on many fronts. We’re especially proud and excited about the technical milestones we’ve achieved, including bringing Persistent Entity Streaming to Star Citizen, letting players test the Replication Layer Split in our new tech preview channel, and showing a live demo of Server Meshing at this year’s in-person CitizenCon. These foundational technologies and the advancements in StarEngine shown at CitizenCon are now making their way into players’ hands, and over the next 12 months we’ll deliver even more of the full promise of Star Citizen to our passionate and loyal community, beginning with this latest patch release,” said Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts. “The support of our community continues to energize our developers daily, and we’re thrilled to share Star Citizen Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches with them. We hope everyone enjoys this latest update with deeper salvage systems, exciting new vehicles, new diverse hairstyles, a revamped Jumptown, and much more as we close out this year and look towards an even brighter 2024.

For full details on the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches update, please head here.

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.22: Wrecks to Riches key features include the following and more:

  • Dance Through Danger in the Aopoa San’tok.yai: Meticulously engineered and designed with both form and function in mind, the San’tok.yai builds upon Aopoa’s innovative dual-vector thrusters that give their ships unprecedented mobility in combat. Combining this speed and agility with powerful Xi’an shield technology and a complement of repeating lasers and missile racks, this medium fighter punches well above its weight. Whether it’s challenging larger, more heavily armed ships or effortlessly darting through hostile hordes, pilots can elevate their battle with the San’tok.yai, now available for fight and flight.
  • Drake’s Cutter Rambler Takes Self-sufficiency Further: Drake Interplanetary’s Cutter Rambler is designed for aspiring adventurers, offering unparalleled self-sufficiency and range for an entry-level vessel. Expanded fuel capacity and increased living quarters support semi-long-haul, self-sustained travel, making it an ideal vessel for an independent spirit exploring off the beaten path. Unlock adventure with the Cutter Rambler, flyable today.
  • Become the ‘Verse’s Wrecking Crew with Structural Salvage: Wrecks to Riches introduces the next iteration in ship salvage, unlocking the powerful capabilities of the Drake Vulture and Aegis Reclaimer. The two specialized salvage vessels can now break down the hulls of larger ships into more manageable bite-sized parts, taking the parts to a material grinder and collecting the processed materials to be sold for credits. The salvage system will continue to expand with greater depth and more interactions in later updates.
  • Origin Offers Flexible X1 Series Luxury Hoverbikes: As the sales materials say: Purchasing Origin doesn’t just mean choosing a ship, it means choosing a lifestyle. The X1 series of artisan-quality, luxury hoverbikes exemplify this with three variants designed for those seeking terrestrial thrills without sacrificing style or comfort. Choose from the X1, a luxury touring hoverbike, the X1 Velocity, tuned for performance with a custom thruster solution, or the X1 Force, equipped with robust shielding offering protection at even the riskiest destinations. Pilots who own the Origin 400i can store their X1s in the ship’s dedicated bike bay.
  • Explore 15 New Derelict Settlements: Derelict Settlements continue to expand, with 15 diverse new settlements of varying sizes added throughout the Stanton system. Including everything from shops, bars, trade terminals and hidden loot, the new settlements host a variety of combat and collection missions, and may contain hidden missions for pilots to discover and undertake.
  • Popular PvP Location, Jumptown, Expands: Jumptown has been home to many legendary PvP battles over the years, and continues to expand offering players new opportunities for combat and reward. Wrecks to Riches update adds a fourth location to the PvP grounds, Echo Isle, which is designed for more battle-royal-style combat. Other locations offer alternative experiences including Raven’s Roost, nestled inside a dense forest encouraging combat on foot or using light ground vehicles, and Paradise Cove, tucked next to a towering cliff offering some protection from bombers and other aerial threats.
  • Look Your Best with 20 Diverse New Hairstyles: Responding to player requests, CIG have added 20 new hairstyles to Star Citizen, taken directly from the in-development Squadron 42. This set of new hairstyles are designed to be more inclusive and diverse, helping players create their idealized pilot in the ‘verse. These hairstyles are supported by the proprietary “StarHair” technology, offering greater visual fidelity and physics simulations for more realistic movement. CIG can confirm that cosmetology schools in Stanton will expand their curriculum in the coming year, adding even more hairstyles for players to choose from in future updates.
  • Arena Commander Improvements Continue: Following a major update in Alpha 3.20, CIG are continuing to expand the content available in their “game within a game” Arena Commander module. The action-focused mode grows with two new FPS maps; Bloodshot Ridge, sitting atop a mountain with stunning 360 degree views and angles of attack, this location is a Flight Combat Map allowing battles to rage from the mountaintops to the planet’s atmosphere, and Maker’s Point, a ramshackle, dusty, abandoned settlement on remote Hurston and three experimental modes; Team Elimination, similar to the popular team deathmatch modes, 2v2 Duo Showdown for pairs of dogfighters, and the Single Weapon Elimination mode challenges marksmen with the A03 Sniper Rifle. This update also brings multi-crew spawning to Arena Commander for the first time, granting participants the ability to spawn directly inside a friendly vessel, even directly to a gunner’s chair, getting them straight into the action.

Star Citizen combines classic space sim and FPS gameplay with boundary-pushing visuals in a massively multiplayer setting of unprecedented fidelity. Live how you want to live: shift paths from cargo hauler to outlaw, explorer, or any other role whenever you want. Explore multiple planets and moons, including vast cities and underground caverns, all created with a unique combination of procedural planet technology and complementary hand-crafted design.

For further information, including how to download and play Star Citizen, visit the official website. Enlist today and join this ever-expanding universe by visiting the game’s Welcome Hub and Guide System for tips on how to play. Keep up to date with Star Citizen development via the game’s Progress Tracker and Roadmap. Millions of players from around the world have already joined to help CIG build the most-ambitious game ever made. For continued updates, follow Star Citizen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games is a new kind of independent studio dedicated to delivering AAA games outside the established publisher system. It was founded in 2012 by renowned visionary game developer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander series, Freelancer, Privateer), Sandi Gardiner, and international media lawyer and producer Ortwin Freyermuth (Carlito’s Way, Shattered, Das Boot – Director’s Cut), with industry veteran and studio director Erin Roberts (Lego videogame series, Starlancer, Privateer) joining the team in 2013. Cloud Imperium Games is creating Star Citizen, a record-shattering, largely crowdfunded space sim, and Squadron 42, a Hollywood-caliber, story-driven single-player game set in the same universe. Cloud Imperium Games operates in “open development” – sharing progress and updates in near real time. This paradigm-shifting development process (game development usually occurs behind closed doors) gives the community an unprecedented look at Star Citizen and Squadron 42’s development and allows direct feedback and interaction between players and developers, thereby ensuring that the games being developed are what players want to play.