Ex Astris Brings Premium 3D RPG Experience to Mobile, Now Available Worldwide on App Store and Google Play

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Ex Astris Brings Premium 3D RPG Experience to Mobile, Now Available Worldwide on App Store and Google Play

Global Publisher GRYPHLINE Invites Players Worldwide to Embark on an Interstellar Adventure

BEIJING — Feb. 27, 2024 — Today, the global publisher GRYPHLINE announced that Ex Astris is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play for $9.99 USD, $13.99 CAD, £8.99, and €9.99. Ex Astris is a real-time/turn-based hybrid 3D RPG. As an investigator, players will delve into the world of Allindo and embark on a wondrous interstellar adventure. To celebrate today’s Ex Astris global launch, GRYPHLINE also invites its community to join “When the Land Meets the Stars,” a special Ex Astris x Arknights crossover event full of fun surprises and exclusive in-game cosmetics for players (Feb. 27 at 8 a.m. (PST) through Mar. 12 at 5:59 a.m. (PST)). Ex Astris investigators can head to the official event page to obtain eligibility for unlocking access to the crossover attire and link it to their GRYPHLINE account. Players can also use the same account to log into the game to acquire permanent access to the crossover attire: “Loose Uniform” and “Light Uniform”. Meanwhile, Arknights Doctors can head to the same event page to claim their furniture rewards. “Doll of Polar Day” and “Doll of Pitchest Black”. After claiming, the furniture will be mailed to the player’s in-game mailbox.

Ex Astris Launch trailer

About Ex Astris
An Interstellar Adventure: Embark on an enthralling adventure and discover a mysterious land of eternal day and everlasting darkness in Ex Astris. Explore Allindo, a life-bearing planet in a tidally locked orbit where the sun never sets. Split into two distinct hemispheres by massive ring-shaped storms, this planet is home to bizarre creatures and intelligent beings remarkably similar to humans. Players will take on the role of Yan and join Vi³, investigators tasked with unraveling the secrets of the long lost Allindish civilization and to reveal the truth behind the Astramorphs that inhabit this alien planet.

Combat Combinations: Players can create teams of up to 3 characters for different character and skill combinations. In addition to selecting the best character to deal with the combat situation at every turn, players can also tap a special button on the right side of the screen to switch between the character’s Wave or Particle states. Each of these states come with special combinations of attack skills that allows the character to lift or shatter enemies. Players can also use Obscuran Maneuvers to parry or dodge enemy attacks. The right skill combinations also grant the characters extra action points to execute longer combos. If an enemy is knocked down by character skills, the player can perform skills with downed strike effects to extend the knocked down status of that enemy and recover more action points for the team. Performing 3 consecutive downed strikes or aerial strikes on the same enemy target will maximize the damage dealt to that enemy within a short period of time, allowing players to defeat enemies quickly. Battles become enjoyable challenges as players are free to experiment with different skill combinations and tactical options.

Obscuran Maneuvers: Obscuran Maneuvers are another great feature for combat in Ex Astris. When defending against enemy attacks, the player should react to the enemy’s attack type and either switch to Warding Light or Shadow Shift to parry or dodge the enemy attack. Tapping Warding Light or Shadow Shift at the right timing also generates special Obscuran Maneuver effects. Players can also gather Astrite from battles or exploration. Astrite is the resource consumed for enhancing characters or learning new skills. Both will help the player’s team better handle different enemies. In addition to intense battles and exploration, Ex Astris also features cooking, puzzles, and other mini-games. Players who take the time to find new recipes, solve puzzles, and complete the mini-games will earn various rewards and surprises.

Ex Astris Gameplay Introduction video


Ex Astris Gameplay Showcase video

To stay up to date on the latest for Ex Astris, please visit the official website and follow the team on YouTube, Twitter/X, Facebook, and Instagram.


GRYPHLINE is a global publisher that aims to bring unique and high-quality gaming experiences to players across the world. Inaugural titles to be launched include Arknights: Endfield, Ex Astris and POPUCOM, with more to be revealed in the future. GRYPHLINE is also taking steps to offer services from R&D support, localization, marketing to customer service for expanding its global business. More information can be found here on the official company site at https://www.gryphline.com.