Espire 2 Developer Digital Lode Adds In-game Voice Chat to Co-op Virtual Reality Stealth Hit, Teases New Missions in 2023 Public Roadmap

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Espire 2 Developer Digital Lode Adds In-game Voice Chat to Co-op Virtual Reality Stealth Hit, Teases New Missions in 2023 Public Roadmap

Tripwire Presents is the publishing division of Tripwire Interactive that focuses on releasing titles spanning multiple platforms and genres from other independent studios. Formed in 2019, Tripwire Presents has leveraged its experience and resources to bring exceptional games from talented teams to the global audience. Most recently, Tripwire Presents has partnered with Australia-based Virtual Reality developer Digital Lode to publish Espire 2, the top-selling Oculus Quest Store sequel to Espire 1: VR Operative. Built from the ground-up to raise the bar for the stealth genre in VR, Espire 2 finds players in the role of Espire Agent POE, piloting remote-operated espionage frames as they sneak and shoot their way through a brand-new globe-trotting singleplayer campaign and co-op mode, full of mysteries and surprises.

The latest update for Espire 2 from developer Digital Lode delivers on the most popular request from players with the introduction of in-game integrated voice chat support for the title’s popular co-op mode. The highly-anticipated arrival of in-game voice chat also comes with improvements to AI and other quality-of-life issues, addressing bug fixes and stability.

In addition, Espire 2 developer Digital Lode and publisher Tripwire Presents remain committed to supporting the title and its community with further updates and shared a first look at the developer roadmap for 2023 in response to player feedback on the official Espire Discord server.

Espire 2 Public Roadmap Highlights Include:

  • Espire Ops: New singleplayer levels with weekly developer-set challenges
  • Public Co-Op: Find public co-op games with fellow operatives when your friends aren’t online
  • Co-Op Missions: More Co-op missions are in the works. In addition, players can expect a new hardcore difficulty setting for singleplayer and Co-Op Campaigns
  • New VR Platforms: Espire 2 is coming to new virtual reality platforms. We are in the early stages of development and will have more to announce in 2023
  • Skins: In response to this top request from players, Digital Lode will also introduce unlockable frame skins & weapon variants

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Espire 2 is out now for Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro platforms and owners can download the winter update Dec. 20 for the latest and most improved version of the stealth action hit, complete with in-game voice chat integration and updates included in the patch.To stay up to date on the latest Espire 2 news, visit the official website, join the community on the official Discord server, and follow the developers on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.