Edge Announces $30M Series A Close to Enable Gamers to Share Gameplay Moments as Playable Content Instead of Just Videos

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Edge Announces $30M Series A Close to Enable Gamers to Share Gameplay Moments as Playable Content Instead of Just Videos

Investment Round Led by Corner Ventures Unlocks Endless Possibilities for Gamer Engagement with a New Form of Media Content – Edge’s ‘Playables’ – Sharable Game Moments You Can Access and Play, Not Just Watch


Tel Aviv, Israel – July 11, 2022 – Edge, a next-generation game content platform that is based on proprietary technology, enables anyone to clip their most exciting gameplay moments and turn them into standalone game units called ‘Playables,’ today announcing the close of their $30M Series A round. The funds will help Edge continue to shape a new dimension of playable content that engages and empowers players and creators alongside game companies.

The round was led by Corner Ventures, and was also backed by gaming pioneer Playtika, who led the Edge $10M seed round in 2021, and existing investors, including Stardom Ventures, and AnD Ventures.

“Edge is expanding the gaming industry by giving gamers the power to create playable content in a way that is as fast and as easy as uploading a video to social media,” said Marvin Tien, co-founder and General Partner at Corner Ventures. “We are excited to be joining Edge at this important stage in its lifecycle and look forward to helping it realize its mission of transforming videos we used to watch into game highlights we can play.”

“We’ve built the Edge platform to unlock for the first time the ability to participate in each other’s most exciting gameplay moments,” said Asaf Gazit, co-founder and CEO at Edge. “This creates an important new opportunity to form a genuine connection with other gamers. Rather than just watching from the sidelines as a spectator, ‘Edgers’ (Edge users) can enter, play, and control the content directly to create their own experiences.”

The creation process is similar to recording a video, except that the resulting Playables are actual mini-games. When Playables are shared on the Edge platform, viewers can click the ‘start playable’ button to jump right to that captured moment of the game and play it as they wish on their own gaming system. They can then replay that segment themselves to create their own outcome as many times as they wish.

Users can easily create Playables from any game that has integrated the proprietary Edge SDK, the company’s lightweight, game engine-agnostic developer kit. Game publishers and developers can seamlessly and easily add the Edge SDK to any game, to unlock the power of large-scale, high-quality user-generated content, with no impact on performance. Edge consumers can build and expand the game’s community through user-generated content that is now playable for heightened connections and experiences.

Edge will focus on further building its fundamentals to support a variety of game partnerships on the content platform and to create new features and services. Edge will offer plug-and-play adoption by game companies while organically growing its user base and creators’ economy. Initial performance has been strong, attracting interest from publishers and developers, with an average daily usage time of over 60 minutes and multiple individual play times for the new Playables content pieces.

More information about Edge will be revealed in the coming months. For more information, visit the new website at edgegaming.gg.

About Edge

Edge is a next-generation content platform for gamers where users can actually play the posts they see. It is based on innovative proprietary technology that enables anyone to clip their most exciting game highlights and turn them into standalone game pieces called “Playables.” These Playables can be shared so that others can instantly play to create their own outcomes and experiences. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company was founded in 2021 by the brothers Asaf and Omri Gazit. With the close of its Series A in July 2022, Edge has a total funding of $42M and locations in Israel, Los Angeles, and New York, inclusive of over 35 employees. For more information, visit edgegaming.gg.

About Corner

Corner invests at critical lifecycle stages in next-generation iconic technology companies. With decades of experience across investing, operating, and partnering with top-tier venture firms and entrepreneurs, we focus on powering disruptive tech companies into category leaders, creating exceptional outcomes for our partners and investors. Through our global offices and extensive network, we work closely with our partners, portfolio companies and their respective founders providing unique insights, strategic growth capital, and access to global investors and commercial partners. We have invested in over 200 companies, with over 145 exits, including more than 30 IPOs. (www.cornerventures.com).

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