Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Receives Major Updates and New Playable Character Matoka the Ninja

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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Receives Major Updates and New Playable Character Matoka the Ninja

D3Publisher Inc., a leading Japanese games publisher, along with developer LANCARSE Ltd. today announced major updates along with a new playable ninja character, Matoka, for Ed-0: Zombie Uprising which is currently available in Early Access on PC via Steam. A survival rogue-like action title, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been integrating community feedback throughout the games’ Early Access period to continue building toward a polished and full featured launch. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is available now for $19.99 / €19.99 / £19.99 on the Steam Store. Players can follow Ed-0: Zombie Uprising on Steam and join the official Discord for continued updates and ongoing community activations.

Stemming from community and player feedback since the Early Access release this past April, the game has been given many major improvements to significantly improve the overall player experience. Some of those improvements include the quality of combat, difficulty level choices for each of the four currently available main quests, a new option to save mid-game, in addition to regular bug fixing and ongoing changes to gameplay elements.

Along with this newest update, players will have the opportunity to choose a new playable ninja character, Matoka, to join in the intensely fierce battles. Matoka is a mysterious blue-eyed ninja that can sneak up on her enemies without making a sound and can round up zombies with devasting body attacks and Ninjutsu techniques such as “Flame Jutsu” and “Rai Jin,” and others.

Designed for brutal strategic battles in a rogue-like format, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising takes place in a fictional Edo-era Japan where hordes of hungry zombies have raided the isolated country. No dungeon run will be the same, so players’ judgment will be of the utmost importance, having to face “once-in-a-lifetime” challenges with a wide variety of random elements amid dangerous foes. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising includes various undead enemies, ranging from “newly interpreted” Japanese zombies to foreign invaders born after the “Zombie Industrial Revolution.” Players will unlock more as they play (and succeed) with an increasing number of possibilities to customize builds to their liking—with the option to bump up the level of difficulty to test one’s capability.

Early Access includes:

  • Three playable characters, now including Matoka the fierce blue-eyed ninja.
  • 10+ hours of gameplay available right away.
  • Four main quests, seven sub quests, and four main bosses.
  • 100+ of skills and items.
  • Everything is randomly generated for every run.
  • Adjustable high degree of difficulty.
  • Countless surprises and unpredictable adversaries.

For additional information on Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, please visit the official Discord, the community page on Steam, and D3PUBLISHER Inc. to keep up with upcoming content and news.