Dead by Daylight’s Newest Tome Ushers in Balance Updates, a Fun Summer Event and More

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Dead by Daylight’s Newest Tome Ushers in Balance Updates, a Fun Summer Event and More

MONTREAL July 26, 2023 Dead by Daylight’s newest Tome 16: EXISTENCE draws players deeper into the terrifying world of End Transmission, its latest Chapter. Those who rise to the Rift’s many challenges will be treated to chilling new memories for The Singularity and Gabriel Soma, as well as special rewards, including the Very Rare Tough Guy Outfit for the one and only Nicolas Cage.


Fresh off End Transmission’s release, Tome 16: EXISTENCE continues the compelling tale of its space colonizing characters. Players are invited to follow HUX-A7-13, also known as The Singularity, as it gains sentience, begins to question its purpose, and resents being the tool of an inferior species – humans. Then, descend into Gabriel Soma’s mind and examine some memory discrepancies, and the upcoming realization that everything he remembers might not be as it seems. Players are invited to progress through the Rift and the Deep Rift, to complete brand-new gameplay Challenges, and earn sci-fi inspired Cosmetic rewards for Gabriel Soma, The Singularity, The Artist, Haddie Kaur, and more.

New features & updates

A slew of new features and updates accompany the new Tome release on July 26 at 11 a.m. (EDT).

Successful report feedback

Reporting players that don’t comply with Dead by Daylight’s game rules is crucial. Hence, the team has designed a “Successful Report” feature, letting players see if their past report(s) has led to a ban, along with the reason for banning. The feedback messages will also apply to both temporary and permanent bans, given through problematic behavior like harassment or cheating.

Coldwind Map balance update

The Fractured Cowshed and Rancid Abattoir Maps have been analyzed and reworked thoroughly to adjust tiles and create a more balanced experience for both Killer and Survivors.

The Onryo update

The Onryo is a terrible foe, with the powerful ability to project through Televisions and a dangerous special affliction known as Condemned. The Condemned status effect can stack up to 7 – where a Survivor will automatically be downed and subject to be killed -, which can be accumulated by interacting with The Onryo’s power through the TVs, retrieving a VHS Tape, being hit or turning off a TV.

The updates to The Onryo will push Survivors to think twice before taking a hit of focusing on the VHS Tapes, as Sadako will now be able to see which survivors hold a tape on the HUD when teleporting. This new change will allow Killer mains to choose whether to concentrate on hits – to increase the Survivors’ Condemned stacks – or teleport as much as possible to maintain global pressure on the whole map during a match.

The Onryo update will certainly raise the stakes for Survivors facing Sadako, while simultaneously making matches more strategy-driven for Killer mains.

It’s GRILLy coming back

You read that right! The Scorching BBQ Event is making a comeback in The Entity’s Realm from August 3 until August 17. Back by popular demand, players will be able to enjoy many themed in-game such as the Margarita Generators and the Grill Hooks, as well as a slew of smoking Outfits and Charms.

Sizzling Outfits Incoming

This summer, players are encouraged to turn up the heat in game with some unmissable Collections.

Nicolas Cage Essentials Collection

A star of his status has no shortage of style, and the Nicolas Cage Essentials Collection introduces two of his iconic looks into The Fog: the Sunset Racer Outfit and the Gorgon Drip Outfit. The two Very Rare Outfits are now available for purchase in the in-game store.

Artists From The Fog Collection

The Artists From The Fog Collection will be available for purchase on August 1, and set the spotlight on Dead by Daylight’s incredibly talented community and features the following frightening & gorgeous outfits:

– The Flesh And Bones Outfit for The Twins, designed by Raina from Canada.

– The Doll Collector Outfit for The Huntress, designed by Jay from the USA.

– The Surprise Performance Outfit for Yun-Jin, designed by Manuel from Spain.

– The Inspiration Seeker Outfit for Felix, designed by Hunnybear from Poland.

Ikumi Nakamura’s haunting designs are also featured in this Collection, with the Blind Revenge Outfit for The Oni, the School Gang (Julie) Outfit for The Legion, and the Dark Racer Outfit for Yui.

Silent Hill Collection

The iconic Cheryl Mason will get a new legendary Maria Outfit, transforming her into Maria from Silent Hill 2. The Silent Hill Collection will be available for purchase on August 15, 2023.

Tome 16: EXISTENCE is available now via SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|SEpic Games StoreWindows Store, and Nintendo Switch.

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