Zenith, the Cyberpunk VR MMORPG for PC and VR, Receives Stellar Support and Breaks Kickstarter VR Records with 625% Funding… and Counting!

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Zenith, the Cyberpunk VR MMORPG for PC and VR, Receives Stellar Support and Breaks Kickstarter VR Records with 625% Funding… and Counting!

 Fan Appetite for Ramen VR’s Immersive Anime World Makes Campaign the Most Successful of any VR-tagged Kickstarter Project as Zenith Level Editor is Revealed for the Final Stretch Goal

SAN FRANCISCO – August 26, 2019 – Ramen VR, an indie VR studio that’s creating a unique VR metaverse, today celebrates its crowdfunding campaign for Zenith, a fantasy cyberpunk VR MMORPG for VR and PC. The goal was reached in four hours, and fans continue to show their support as the project was funded at over 625% level and counting, in less than two weeks, making it the most successful VR-tagged Kickstarter project. Over 1,600 backers have contributed with an average pledge of $96, showing the strong appeal of being able to play, socialize, and create your own unique experiences in the first cross-platform VR MMORPG.

Ramen VR has steadily been releasing the stretch goals details, and is now revealing the final goal of $250,000 which unlocks a “Zenith Level Editor” using Unity that allows the Zenith community to create and publish their own custom levels on the Zenith platform.

Additional data can be visualized in the new Zenith infographic released today by Ramen VR.

Inspired by anime and JRPG classics and reimagined as a dynamic living world with cross-play between VR platforms and PC, Zenith offers a futuristic universe in which players will fight, craft, explore, and live as they forge alliances and friendships in guilds and parties. In the game world, heroes are needed to venture forth to save Zenith from calamity. Characters who take up this challenge can participate in epic raids and world events or go solo to become a powerful leader whose deeds will be forever immortalized.

To date, the team has added five stretch goals including familiars, play vendors, and player housing, and Ramen VR has also announced that fan-favorite Emi Evans is collaborating to add her vocals to the project. Fans can access the game’s main theme track on SoundCloud.

Zenith is the brainchild of Andy Tsen and Lauren Frazier, co-founders of Ramen VR with a decade of experience at Unity, Google, and building startup companies. In addition to the game’s success in passing over $150,000 of crowdfunding, it has attracted investment from Y Combinator, the highly respected provider of seed funding for startups that has funded startups such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Twitch.

 “We’re overwhelmed by the support our backers and community as we work together as co-creators to realize our shared vision for a cross-platform VR and PC living anime world,” said Andy Tsen, co-founder of Ramen VR. “Lauren and I, along with our small team of indie bandits look forward to continuing our development journey with everyone who has been so kind and supportive… to everyone, we say we will see you in Zenith soon!”

The Kickstarter campaign is continuing through September 26, 2019 and will help the team at Ramen VR further develop the epic adventure while sharing early benefits with fans who help create the dynamic world.

“Thank you and wow, is all I can say,” shares Lauren Frazier. “We wanted to involve our community and share Zenith’s progress early on, so with the voracious reception we’ve seen from backers, we’re able to do so which we’re beyond thrilled and humbled.”

For more information, please visit the Zenith Kickstarter page or visit https://www.zenithmmo.com. Keep in touch with us on Twitter @ZenithMMO, on Discord at https://discord.gg/uR7NNBS, and on Medium at https://medium.com/zenithvr/.

About Ramen VR

Ramen VR is an indie VR studio that’s creating the VR metaverse. Andy Tsen and Lauren Frazier started Ramen VR in 2019 after working together at established companies on previous projects. They have decades of combined experience at gaming and mobile startups as well as companies like Unity and Google. Funded by some of the world’s best investors and by Oculus, the team is focused on building Zenith, a VR MMORPG where millions of players can adventure together in a gorgeous, anime-inspired world. In August 2019, Zenith became the most successful VR-tagged project ever on Kickstarter with over 625% of its goal reached over its first week. Ramen VR had previously created Conjure Strike, which was a finalist for Unity Multiplayer and VR Game of the Year. The indie teams believe fun, online games can be life-changing experiences that let players realize their full potential. Ramen VR is driven by the belief to create a VR world where you can fulfill your wildest ambitions.

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