Jam City is your perfect mobile match for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Events from Jam City are here!



Kicking off the ‘be mine’ season on mobile, Jam City has dreamed up special celebrations for its most popular games to make mobile-loving hearts flutter.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions surrounding Jam City’s love affair with February 14th, and our ‘of-the-season’ in-game events. Valentine’s Day assets, including a new Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow video, for all the below Jam City titles can be downloaded at https://app.box.com/v/JamCity-ValentinesDay2018.


Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow | Through February 15th

  • What’s Valentine’s Day without a little drama? When Leela receives a Lovey Bear from a secret admirer, she’s determined to find out who it is. Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew’s Romanticorp shipment gets interrupted when Lovey Bears start wandering around New New York.
  • Joining the game during this special event will be Michelle, Fry’s ex-girlfriend, and Petunia. Also, Omicronian Emperor, Lrrr, will have a new limited-time Valentine’s Day outfit to get him out of his mid-life crisis rut!


Cookie Jam | Through February 15th

  • Cupid, we have liftoff! For a limited time, a Valentine’s Day airship will be for sale, taking players to new heights!


Panda Pop | Through February 14th

  • What’s black and white and red all over? Complete a special level rush event before the clock runs out, to win boosters and a limited time Valentine’s Day costume for Mama Panda!


Juice Jam | Through February 15th

  • Valentine’s Day Very Berry Team PVP Event
    • Join a team with other Juice Jam players and compete to collect the most Strawberries within the time limit to earn boosters and coins – and of course, our everlasting affection.


Snoopy Pop | Starting February 13th

  • Roses are red, but in Snoopy Pop, it’s all about pink! Pop enough pink, Valentine’s Day-themed bubbles in this limited time event to win a special prize.