Traega Entertainment Reveals BRIG 12, an Out of this World, Bounty Hunting, Card Collecting RPG Coming to PC

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Traega Entertainment Reveals BRIG 12, an Out of this World, Bounty Hunting, Card Collecting RPG Coming to PC

Veteran Team’s First Title is a New Take on Classic Turn-Based RPGs with Style; Set for a Truly Rockin’ Free to Play Launch this August

Nashville, TN – July 12, 2018 – Traega Entertainment, an independent studio of industry veterans bringing decades of experience from Blizzard, EA, Riot, Ubisoft, and Disney, today announced the developers first game, BRIG 12. Pulling from their backgrounds working on a wide variety of genres, BRIG 12 is a new take on classic turn-based role playing and card collecting games, putting players in the role of the clone of a legendary space bounty hunter as they assemble their crew, travel the universe and take over their predecessor’s empire. The game is scheduled for release on Windows PC via Steam this August using a truly free to play model, with no content locked behind paywalls and a cash shop focused on cosmetics and convenience, not power.

“As a new studio, we’re excited to announce our first game, BRIG 12. This is the first of what we expect to be many games from Traega Entertainment. We’ve been assembling our team quickly over the past 2 years and I’m really proud of how we have come together to build this game,” said Dax Hock, founder of Traega Entertainment, “BRIG 12 embodies the principle we want in all of our games – we want to let the players decide how to play. We think we’ve created a unique combination of some genres we love, and we’re excited about this launch as the stepping stone to future launches for our studio.”


  • Strategic RPG Gameplay – Approach every aspect of the game any way. Choose how to battle, progress your crew, manage inventory, and when to retire a clone and start anew. It’s a big universe and there is no set path to success.
  • Extensive Loot Collection – With thousands of items to collect, BRIG 12 offers an abundant amount of space loot. Each item has varying rarity and stats and can equip your crew, provide them skills and attacks, or help craft augments to aid in battle. Loot is earned simply by playing the game – defeat enemies, turn in bounties, salvage unused items, or spend in-game currency at BRIG 12 to earn new and powerful items.
  • Deep Character Progression Trees – Assemble and oversee a diverse and robust team of loyal crew members. With 35 unique crew classes, players can manage their progression and XP to optimize the crew they want to lead.
  • Humorous Attacks and Skills – From well-dressed venom spitting snakes, to encasing enemies in green jelly, to unleashing “DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”, it’s easy to destroy enemies in style.
  • Retire, Reset, Replay – BRIG 12’s unique game loop allows players to keep all of their loot after they retire for leveled-up replays. Players can continually create new clones to build up their retirement island for additional upgrades and bragging rights.
  • Copious Character Customization – Want a blue mohawk? Pink ponytails? Bushy beards? An orange combover? There’s no judging in BRIG 12! With 42 hairstyles, 22 face shapes, 16 hair colors, and 16 facial hair options, players can create their own unique clones.
  • Truly Free to Play – BRIG 12 is completely playable for free. There are no limitations to play through all aspects of the game. The items offered in the shop are there to make players look pretty and get what you want faster. 

About BRIG 12

Welcome to BRIG 12, a high-security location that’s exclusively reserved for turning in the most dangerous bounties of the Altera System. It is the most elite destination for Bounty Hunters in the galaxy and, as the clone of a very successful Bounty Hunter, players have earned access into this exclusive club. The job is simple: take over your predecessor’s empire, make a bunch of money, create another clone and go on to retirement. Wrapped in a vibrant and humorous art style, BRIG 12 is an introduction to some of the seediest factions of criminals from exotic lands throughout the farthest reaches of space.

BRIG 12 is a strategic RPG with deep character progression and card collection mechanics. Inspired by classic turn-based RPG games, players and their crew will battle enemies to earn loot, defeat bosses, and capture bounties. Bounties are bite-sized missions that can be completely quickly during a brief play session, or clear out entire bounty boards during longer sessions and turn in multiple bounties at once for bonus rewards! Assemble a crew, customize their gear and abilities, take on bounties throughout the galaxy, and maybe even take some time at the club or barbershop.

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About Traega Entertainment

Traega Entertainment is an independent video game studio based in Nashville, TN. Founder, Dax Hock, has been passionate about games his entire life. It has long been his dream to create his own game studio, and in 2015, he made that dream a reality. Since then, he has been strategically assembling a team of veteran game makers from around the country to create Traega Entertainment. The team of 25 has decades of industry experience from Blizzard, Riot, EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Disney, Midway, and Funcom.

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