The Boss Man Reminds All Salarymen that the Clock Lies; There Is Simply No Escape

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The Boss Man Reminds All Salarymen that the Clock Lies; There Is Simply No Escape

Oasis Games Confirms Western Release of Satirical and Edgy Physics-based PlayStation®VR Puzzle Game, “Salary Man Escape”…  Now Get Back to Work!

June 26, 2018 – Oasis Games Ltd., a leading global game publisher, with Red Accent Studios today announced the release of the satirical virtual reality puzzle game: Salary Man Escape for PlayStation®VR. Taking advantage of VR’s 360-degree perspective with unique gameplay; the player will be transported into a familiar environment – only to then quickly want to flee.


“We set out to create a physics-based VR game with the theme of escape,” said Michael Michael (aka MM), lead designer at Red Accent Games, “Initially the team began with futuristic, sci-fi concepts but ultimately the familiar setting of an office and where the mind goes of an employee who desperately wants the work day to end, complemented what we were trying to achieve with the gameplay in Salary Man Escape perfectly.”


In scenes reminiscent of post-work lucid nightmares, Salary Man Escape draws on everyone’s longing to free themselves from the everyday grind. Set in a surreal, noir-esque office environment the employee is dwarfed by the endless sea of desks, monitors and keyboards that entrap him. Running across desktops as notions of the outside world tease the salaryman, the player must move objects considering weight and structure to create a route to freedom. The nerve-wracking journey heightened by “motivational” messages such as “It could be that your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others”, leaving the player wondering if the messenger is there to aid them or just mock him.



Salary Man Escape will provide 8 hours of enjoyment for players – “More than 8 if you’re a good employee!” quipped the Boss Man – through its 78 levels of puzzles within 6 chapters of pushing, pulling and balancing objects. The game’s satire offsets the salaryman’s hopes of reaching those shiny metal doors to freedom, by amplifying the trying experience with upbeat elevator music inspired by Japanese 80s music tracks.



  • Players experience a 360-degree perspective and freedom of movement on PlayStation®VR
  • Solve physics-dependent puzzles is all about leveraging physics properties – like weight, balance and force
  • Over 8 hours of gameplay with 6 chapters and 78 levels
  • Each chapter adds a new puzzle mechanic into the mix, making progression increasingly complex and challenging
  • The game features a noir-esque visual style, contrasted with a cheerful, classic Japanese 80’s inspired soundtrack


Salary Man Escape is developed by Red Accent Studios and published by Oasis Games for PlayStation®VR in North America and is available now on the PlayStation®Store for $19.99. This game has been rated “E for Everyone” by the ESRB.


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