“SUMMER”, First Comic Book Series Designed for Broadcast on Instagram, Launches with New English Story

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“SUMMER”, First Comic Book Series Designed for Broadcast on Instagram, Launches with New English Story


Pioneer Digital Entertainment Web Production House, BIGGER THAN FICTION, in Partnership with Franco-German Broadcaster, ARTE, Breaks New Ground with Innovative Storytelling for the Social Generation 



Paris, France — July 5, 2018 — Social Media Series Producer BIGGER THAN FICTION and co-producer ARTE are excited to announce that Season 2 of the “rom-com” comic book series Summer has begun broadcasting on Instagram for the first time in English. Designed specifically for experiencing on the Instagram platform– The sequel brings the 60 episode adventure to life by weaving innovative storytelling techniques into each panel such as motion, more sounds and voice-over, 360° perspective and user interaction, in ten panel Albums. Episodes of Summer Season 2 will be released daily through August 26; the opening episodes, along with a prelude series recapping the French language first season, can be experienced today at @summer_arte.


Thomas Cadene, co-writer of the series, commented:


“During summer everyone loves to share photos that symbolize the season such as sunsets, road trips, their feet on sandy beaches, which made Instagram the perfect medium for broadcasting Summer. We’re seeking readers where they enjoy being and hope our story will accompany them wherever their journey takes them.”


Summer Season 1 began broadcast in 2017 bringing in over 4 million views of the French language series, engaging audiences with its unique storytelling of Olivia and Abel’s tale, a young couple who decide to break up during the summer to realize their own bucket lists. Conceived by interactive author Camille Duvelleroy and written by digital comic book pioneers Thomas Cadène and Joseph Safieddine, each panel of the episodes were experienced with original music and sound effects, which was a first on the Instagram platform. The strong following of the first season prompted ARTE to commission an English version for the second season to a wider audience on the popular platform. The new storyline is illustrated by Angoulême Festival nominated artist, Cécile Bidault.


Did Olivia and Abel decide to remain single? What does the summer of 2018 have in store for them? Season 2 of Summer kicks off with Olivia setting off on a new adventure with Abel and her lifelong friends to uncover the secret her Grandmother left before her death. From Carcassonne to Rouen via the Cévennes and Paris, Olivia hits the roads of France in search of her family’s story. Along the way Olivia will uncover a surprising family secret and perhaps discover more than what she seeked… The answers to the mysteries of love.


The first episodes of Summer Season 2 and the prelude series is available today, with new episodes posting daily through August 26 on Instagram at: @summer_arte.


About ARTE
Created in 1992, ARTE is a European public TV and digital network with a focus on creation and innovation. In the last decade, ARTE has produced a number of major interactive works, such as the recent video games Bury me, my Love and Homo Machina, as well as VR experiences Notes on Blindness and Alteration.
Based in Paris and established in 2011, BIGGER THAN FICTION has expertise in digital storytelling. Following 10 years as a digital marketing agency for TV broadcasters, it produces programs specifically designed for social media broadcasting.