Step into Contemporary Horror with Dead by Daylight’s Newest Chapter: Tools Of Torment, Available Now

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 Step into Contemporary Horror with
Dead by
DaylightTMs Newest Chapter: Tools Of Torment, Available Now

Montreal, Canada – March 7, 2023 – With its latest Chapter, Tools Of Torment, Dead by Daylight returns to contemporary times to explore the modern technology horror paradigm. The newest Killer to step into the Fog is The Skull Merchant. The latest DLC also presents siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra, community-driven Survivors of Brazilian lineage. Along with the highly anticipated original Chapter comes a wide array of new Cosmetics, including Very Rare outfits for The Skull Merchant, Thalita and Renato, as well as two new Collections coming later this Spring.

Catch and Slash

The Skull Merchant is an apex hunter who uses macabre technology to spin a web of surveillance. Thanks to her Drones – hand-crafted using the remains of her victims, no less – she has a constant source of information at her disposal.

Since The Skull Merchant established her hunting base in Shelter Woods, players will, from now on, encounter the map with her luxurious but gruesome amenities. This new concept of adding a tile into an existing map, changing its layout permanently, is an additional innovative feature brought on by Tools Of Torment.

Better Together

Growing up, siblings Thalita and Renato would bicker a lot and used their shared passion for kite fighting to settle their petty squabbles. From there, both developed a special bond, from which their Survivor perks stem from. These Teamwork Perks are geared towards collaboration and activate as long as Thalita or Renato remain in proximity with another Survivor. After healing a Survivor, Thalita’s Teamwork: Power of Two generates a movement speed boost for the healed Survivor and herself. After being healed by a fellow Survivor, Renato’s Teamwork: Collective Stealth hides both sets of Scratch Marks, provided the two players stay close together.

Slaying Season

The Skull Merchant and the Siblings are the star of a new Collection of Exclusive Outfits to celebrate the Chapter’s release. Fans can get their hands on a Very Rare Cosmetic aptly named Encroaching Darkness for The Skull Merchant, from the Sonhadores Sombrios Collection and inspired by the dark and horrifying manga created by her late father. Thalita and Renato can be adorned in their Very Rare Outfits from the Family Album Collection. Thalita wears the Sibling’s Connection Cosmetic, consisting of a tropical two-piece swimsuit while Renato’s Sibling’s Trust Cosmetic is composed of a kite surfing short with a print reminiscent of sea waves.

Players will be able to enjoy two more exciting Collections in the upcoming weeks: starting March 22, several Survivors and Killer will receive new, flashy, fashionable, but equally practical Techwear Cosmetics. Starting in early April, fans will be able to dress their Killers and Survivors in a Collection straight out of Wonderland (yes, yes!).

The Dead by Daylight: Tools Of Torment Chapter is available now via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store and Nintendo Switch.

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