Star Citizen – CitizenCon 2951 Airs Oct. 9 on Twitch with Full Day of Events, Panels, and Special Surprise Reveals

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Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), developer of Star Citizen, is a new kind of independent studio dedicated to delivering AAA games outside the established publisher system. CIG was founded in 2012 by renowned visionary game developer Chris Roberts and continues to shift the paradigm of the game development process, offering its community an unprecedented level of visibility and interaction with product development.

CitizenCon is the number one destination for Star Citizen fans to connect with CIG developers as well as fellow players for engaging discussions, exciting reveals, and a first-look at what’s in store for the most ambitious and transparent game development project in history. Cloud Imperium Games is excited to announce that this year’s CitizenCon 2951 will air on the official Star Citizen channel. With an all-new, all-digital format and a full day of scheduled events, panels, announcements, and entertainment, this year’s CitizenCon will be more accessible than ever, and is a must-watch for Star Citizen players around the world.

In addition to opening remarks from Cloud Imperium Games co-founder and Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts, attendees can look forward to learning about what’s next from creative and development leads, including special reveals, shown for the first time at this event. Attendees can also look forward to giveaways, contests, and a few extra surprises from the Star Citizen team.

For full details and an updated event schedule, head to the official Star Citizen CitizenCon 2951 website.

“For all of us at CIG, CitizenCon is a revitalizing time when we celebrate with our community and get energized by their excitement for Star Citizen. We missed its presence last year and are glad to bring it back, even as an all-digital show,” said Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts. “CitizenCon represents the spirit of our passionate community. Together with our players, we are building the most ambitious and expansive game development project in history. There’s never been anything like Star Citizen in terms of its size, scope, and support from a growing playerbase that believes in our vision. This year’s CitizenCon represents our chance to share our work and progress with our growing community and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming for Star Citizen.”



CitizenCon 2951 attendees can look forward to a full day packed with activities, including:

  • Opening Remarks from Cloud Imperium Games co-founder and Star Citizen creative and development lead, Chris Roberts.
  • Deep Dive Panels: Players can join a deep dive in numerous panels focusing on the game’s dynamic economy system, server meshing, planetary tools and updates on anticipated ships and more.
  • Giveaways: Attendees can look forward to giveaways with prizes from Cloud Imperium Games and partners. Furthermore, ALL Star Citizen players can look forward to a free Digital Goodies Pack, including a special suit and weapon, plus this year’s commemorative CitizenCon trophy.
  • Community Contests: Winners for ongoing community contests for best Star Citizen cosplay and fan-made videos will be announced!

CitizenCon 2951 will air on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021 starting at 8 AM PDT / 3 PM UTC.

CitizenCon 2951 will be live-streamed on the official Star Citizen channel. After the show’s conclusion, players will be able to find an archived recording of the show in 4K resolution on the official Star Citizen YouTube channel.

To download supporting assets, including the Star Citizen CitizenCon 2951 trailer, please visit our press kit.

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