Salary Man Fails Escape and Clocks in on PlayStation®4, PC and Steam VR

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Salary Man Fails Escape and Clocks in on PlayStation®4, PC and Steam VR


Oasis Games Launches the Imaginative Physics-Based Puzzler on New Platforms with Exclusives for PlayStation and PC Players


September 18, 2018 Oasis Games Ltd., a leading global game publisher, with Red Accent Studios today announced that ‘Boss Man’ is continuing the persecution of all salary men through the release of the physics-based puzzle game, Salary Man Escape for PlayStation®4, Windows PC via Steam®, and HTC VIVE™ and Oculus Rift via Steam®VR. Previously only available on PlayStation®VR, the game will be available for $15.99 on PS4™, $10.99 for PC and Steam VR. Salary Man Escape on PS4™ will release with the PS VR game and the PC version will come with the Steam VR release. Additionally, 18 complex puzzle levels have been updated for the PC and Steam VR versions.


“We’re excited to be working with our partners at Red Accent Studios to bring ‘Salary Man Escape’ onto new platforms,” said Daniel Lin, Vice President of Marketing at Oasis Games. “We’ve included the VR releases on both PlayStation 4 and PC so players can choose the experience that they enjoy most. Those looking for an extra challenge on PC will find 18 updated levels before they can reach those shiny metal doors to freedom!”


Salary Man Escape transports the player into a very familiar environment, only to then quickly want to flee. Set in a surreal, noir-esque office environment the employee is dwarfed by the endless sea of desks, monitors and keyboards that entrap him. Running across desktops as notions of the outside world tease the salaryman, the player must move objects considering weight and structure to create a route to freedom. The trying experience is amplified ironically with upbeat elevator music inspired by Japanese 80s music tracks, throughout the eight hours of gameplay. The salaryman experience can now be had across PS VR, PS4™, PC and Steam VR.



  • Players experience a 360-degree perspective and freedom of movement on PlayStation VR; as well as HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift via Steam VR
  • Take a break from VR and experience the escape through PS4™ and PC
  • Solve physics-dependent puzzles leveraging physics properties – like weight, balance and force
  • Over 8 hours of gameplay with 6 chapters and 78 levels, of which 18 have been renovated for PC
  • Each chapter adds a new puzzle mechanic into the mix, making progression increasingly complex and challenging, with the PC versions offering 18 new chapters
  • The game features a noir-esque visual style, contrasted with a cheerful, classic Japanese 80’s inspired soundtrack


Salary Man Escape is developed by Red Accent Studios and published by Oasis Games for PlayStation VR, PS4™, and PC via Steam and Steam VR in North America and is available now on the PlayStation®Store for $15.99 and $10.99 on Steam. This game has been rated “E for Everyone” by the ESRB for PlayStation 4 and PS VR. The PC version is not rated by the ESRB.


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