Saga Mainnet Arrives Today with Over 350 Projects

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Saga Mainnet Arrives Today with Over 350 Projects

Innovative Layer-1 Protocol Launch Creates Infinite Scalability, Efficiency and Ease for Web3 Developers

SAN FRANCISCO – April 9, 2024 Saga, a leading Layer-1 protocol and developer ecosystem in web3, launched its highly anticipated Saga Mainnet Phase One today. This milestone strengthens Saga’s commitment to ushering a new way to deliver  web3 infrastructure that is highly accessible, user-friendly and infinitely scalable. As a Layer-1 to launch Layer-1s, the Saga Mainnet arrival makes it possible for developers to build for mass adoption with the ability to elastically scale their infrastructure to infinite chains, while maintaining the user experience of a single application. Fast bridging and interoperability, no gas fees to end users and elastic scaling make for a chain that offers peak performance at commodity pricing.

Over 100 partners join Saga in its Mainnet launch, including Another World, Rogue Nation and ETHERNITY. The Mainnet launch features additional developer offerings that include:

  • Infinite horizontal scalability: All Chainlets are parallelized appchain instances, allowing applications to elastically scale to their peak performance and speed.
  • Costless transactions and low and predictable chain fees: choose whatever monetization model, including a token of their own (or no token at all), fiat, stablecoin or even the token of another ecosystem. All Chainlet fees are set by a daily reverse auction among the validators, encouraging commodity pricing for blockspace.
  • Automation: stand up a Chainlet via one click button in the Saga WebApp.
  • Interoperability and fast bridging: freely and quickly transfer assets between Chainlets – and Saga and other ecosystems – using automatic interoperability and async composability. Each Chainlet offers fast finality of transactions, users can also take advantage of fast bridging out to other chains.
  • Fully flexible stack: enjoy dedicated chains, allowing for optimal flexibility and customizability of the environment.

As part of the Mainnet launch phases, Saga will airdrop in the coming months its $SAGA token to various stakeholders of the Saga chain. Simultaneously, Saga will airdrop confirmed loot boxes of over 100 of their partners tokens to Saga stakers on a regular cadence. With its extensive list of partners, the partner airdrop will span many months to further the offerings while building a strong community with the Saga ecosystem.

Our Saga Mainnet has been a labor of love and this launch sees our dreams of creating the best possible platform for game developers come to fruition,” said Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder and CEO of Saga. “This achievement of realizing what our Multiverse is capable of is only possible through the collaboration with our extensive network of supportive partners, our Saganaut community, and our amazing game developers.

Saga has strategic partnerships that include:

  • Automating the instantiation of Supernets, Polygon’s appchain solution
  • Providing a software stack that further automates the instantiation of Avalanche’s appchain solution
  • Collaborating with Celestia to implement sequencers-as-a-service to scale rollups
  • Empowering Netmarble’s web3 division MARBLEX to leverage Saga’s unique infrastructure, addressing the critical scale required for its global gaming market
  • Providing scaling infrastructure to the Com2uS chain

Today’s launch completes a long journey of development over the last two years culminating with Mainnet. Phase One brings Saga’s Security and Platform Chains online, with the latter serving as the destination where developers launch and maintain their chainlets. Saga executed a rigorous and successful testnet named Pegasus in October 2023 which resulted in over 200 new chainlets and encountered more than 14.5 million wallets addresses, and the number of transactions exceeded 59 million.

We’re excited to be a one-of-a-kind protocol to developers who will be able to accomplish more with us, with features only available on our Saga chain,” said Jin Kwon, Co-Founder and CSO at Saga. “From allowing assets on any chainlet to be bridged immediately to other ecosystems, costless transactions, to dynamically sharding game state and other transactions into multiple chainlets automatically, Saga allows creators to focus on building their game, not their back-end systems.

Saga’s technology is hyper-focused on developer needs, and dedicated to ensuring blockspace is abundant and can be simply accessed. There are 350 Innovator projects and counting building on its protocol, of which 80% are games. Prior to the Saga Mainnet launch, the company revealed Saga Origins, its new games publishing division that serves as a first ever offering to web3 games, and is devoted to bringing provocative, expansive and uncompromising games to market.

More information and news will be shared in the coming weeks as Saga continues to grow, add features to its Mainnet and release new games and projects.

About Saga

Recognized as a leading developer ecosystem in crypto and web3 gaming, Saga is creating the developer environment of the future. Its mission is to help creators unblock themselves and build where blockspace is at its most plentiful and simple. Saga was founded in 2022. Early seed investors include Placeholder, Maven11, Longhash, Samsung, Com2uS, and Polygon. Originally built on Cosmos, Saga has furthered its presence by bringing typically disparate but the best ecosystems into its Saga Multiverse through ongoing strategic partnerships.

Saga Origins is the Saga game publishing arm. Launched in March 2024, it aims to build a portfolio of games that will make players think and feel in new ways. Creatively, Saga Origins projects are provocative, like web3, and the titles will push the envelope on what’s considered gaming on all fronts.

To learn more about the Saga protocol, check out our website, litepaper, and developer documentation. Be sure to join Saga’s Discord and Telegram and follow Saga on Twitter for the latest news and updates.