Saga Debuts The Three Kingdoms Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

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Saga Debuts The Three Kingdoms Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

Season 2 kicks off with partners Avalanche, Polygon and Solana, including games building cross-chain with Saga

All Hail … The Three Kingdoms as Saga, a leading Layer-1 protocol and developer ecosystem in web3 gaming, unveiled Season 2 of the Saga Play-to-Airdrop, titled The Three Kingdoms in honor of the participating partners Avalanche, Polygon and Solana. As part of the campaign, Saga is running tournaments during January and February for games building cross-chain between Saga and one of their partner ecosystems. The first ones take place on Jan. 20, featuring Forest Knight, Necrodemic by Bullieverse, MixMob and StarHeroes.

Additional games joining The Three Kingdoms campaign include Angelic, Gas Hero, Love Monster, MEGAWEAPON, Parallel, Phantom Galaxies, STEPN, and Yuliverse. Details and tournament times will be announced during the course of the campaign on a rolling basis on Saga’s channels X (formerly Twitter), Discord, Telegram and Medium.

Web3 gaming creator OG Brycent will be hosting Saga’s The Three Kingdoms tournament with a 2-hour live stream starting 11 am PT on Jan. 20, featuring several games. Below are details of each participating game and how players can qualify to receive an airdrop:

  • Forest Knight
    • Gameplay Duration: 8 am to 8 pm PT
    • Gamers have 12 hours to reach stage 11 and battle the first mini boss to officially be entered to win prizes. The first 20 accounts selected will win both $SAGA Airdrop spots and Whitelist and Discounted Mint for the Forest Knight NFT Collection going live Jan. 22. The next 20 winners selected will receive $SAGA Airdrop spots and Whitelisted (non-discounted) NFT Mint spots for the upcoming Forest Knight collection. Additionally, a single lucky winner will receive a NFT Mint courtesy of Forest Knight.
  • Necrodemic by Bullieverse
    • Duration: 8 am to 8 pm PT
    • The Zombie Bear assassins with the 25 highest scores when the tournament closes will be eligible for a $SAGA Genesis Airdrop.
  • MixMob
    • Duration: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm PT
    • Gamers will have four hours to get as many races in before the tournament window closes. Top 20 players with the most wins get a spot in the upcoming $SAGA Genesis Airdrop.
  • StarHeroes
    • Gameplay Duration: 10 am to 1 pm PT
    • Space warriors will battle it out in as many matches as they can squeeze in, getting scored by the in-game custom algorithm that factors in wins, kills and strategic gameplay. The top 40 scores will earn a spot in the $SAGA Genesis Airdrop and Season 2 StarHeroes passes, the first step to getting the $STAR drop.

$SAGA tokens from The Three Kingdoms tournaments will be airdropped to players on the leaderboard at Saga’s Mainnet launch planned for this spring. These new tournaments will be held in addition to Saga’s regularly scheduled tournaments, which are being hosted in partnership with, Indigg, Bitmetis and additional guilds yet to be announced. This season follows a successful Season 1 Play-to-Airdrop campaign that took place in December 2023, which saw 3,000+ participants across thirteen games. Please visit Saga’s Medium post on the Community Genesis Airdrop for details of The Three Kingdoms campaign, including methodology, snapshot periods, eligibility criteria and more.

In addition to the airdrop eligibility criteria for the broader community, Saga will also open its Pegasus Testnet to conduct Developer Tournaments in January and February to stress-test the system in preparation for Mainnet launch. These additional tournaments are specifically for  developers who are still exploring projects and considering the Saga Innovator Program. Currently, there are over 320 Innovator projects building on Saga, of which 80% are games. The full list and individual information about the Saga Innovators is available here.

*Note: The airdrop is not and will not be available to U.S. persons (or persons acting on behalf of U.S. persons). In order to participate in the airdrop, a person or entity must not be a U.S. Person as defined in Rule 902 under the United States Securities Act of 1933 or a U.S. person within the meaning Section 7701(a)(30) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. A full terms and conditions for participation in the airdrop will be made available as part of the claims process.

To learn more about the Saga protocol, check out our website, litepaper and developer documentation.