Realms of Alterra, an Open World, Nordic Adventure RPG, is Currently in Development

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Realms of Alterra, an Open World, Nordic Adventure RPG, is Currently in Development

​​​​​​​Developer Legend Has It and Publisher North Beach Games Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring the First AI-Powered Adventure Game to PC


PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Feb. 28, 2023 – Independent developer, Legend Has It, and Publisher North Beach Games today formally announced that they have joined forces on Realms of Alterra, the first AI-driven-Sandbox RPG. Currently in development for PC, the game will offer a new open world experience.

Realms of Alterra is a cyberpunk-inspired multiplayer adventure game that draws heavily from Norse mythology, set in a dystopian future after the Aesir-Vanir War. Players take on the role of a character recruited by Odin to rescue Thor, who has been kidnapped by the Jotnar and taken to Alterra.

In this open world adventure, the player will find themselves traversing the Nine Realms, each procedurally generated, and powered by distinct and informed Artificial Intelligence. Players can decide who they want to be – befriend the inhabitants or make adversaries. Actions have consequences – AI NPCs learn about the player, talk to each other and will know the deeds or misdeeds of the player. Team up with other players and discover worlds together. Claim a world for yourself and let other players explore, fight, build and quest together.

“We’re very excited to announce Realms of Alterra for the first time,” says Tomáš Pšenička, CEO of Legend Has It. “Our team is focused on delivering the best game experience for players – we are all very passionate gamers and we want to bring something fresh to market. We’re thrilled to partner with North Beach Games, who know this category well.”

“Tomas and I met while he was working on Space Engineers, John Miller, CEO North Beach Games adds. “We’ve wanted to work together for a long time. Over the past few years, North Beach Games was focused on 7 Days to Die and Stranded Deep. Meanwhile, Tomas has continued to build an amazing team and push the boundaries on design and technology. We are very excited to work together on Realms of Alterra.”

More game news and announcements will be shared in the coming months. For more information about Realms of Alterra, visit

About Legend Has It

“Legend Has It” is a Czech-based video game and AI software developer company. The company’s mission is to intertwine AI and gaming. The team of Legend is composed of game development veterans that have worked on AAA titles for companies such as Activision, Sony, Bohemia Interactive, 2K Interactive and Keen Software House, known for Space Engineers.

About North Beach Games

North Beach Games publishes PC and console games with a focus on the survival crafting and role-playing categories. The company’s mission is to partner with and empower the world’s best independent developers and studios. Based San Rafael, CA, North Beach Games is comprised of industry veterans with a wide range of experience in publishing, marketing and game development. Most recently, North Beach Games has co-published Stranded Deep for console in partnership with Beam Team Games and provided publishing services for 7 Days to Die with The Fun Pimps.


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