Pets Lead the Evolutionary March in Kritika Online’s Latest Content Update, Out Now

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Pets Lead the Evolutionary March in Kritika Online’s Latest Content Update, Out Now


En Masse Entertainment Introduces Pet Evolution System, Arena Enhancements, and Class Rebalancing in Latest Patch


SEATTLE, March 7, 2018 — En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today released the March Update its stylish anime action brawler, Kritika Online. Pet aficionados and collectors can now trade in duplicate or unwanted pets at the newly opened Tokina’s Pet Lab in any town hub for Pet Coins, which can be used to purchase missing pets to fill out their personal menageries. Players’ favorite pets can also be taken to the Pet Lab where they can harness the power of evolution, for a price, increasing their quality and the passive stats they provide. It’s time to evolve and unlock the full power of the adorable, ferocious, and whimsical pets alike!


The March Update also includes a number of improvements to the Arena in response to player feedback which the team will continue to follow closely as players begin diving into the new and improved Arena. In addition to rebalancing several boss encounters and squashing some pesky bugs, players can look forward to 10 additional floors to test their skills and conquer for bragging rights and loot! To this end the Void Monk, Berserker and Vampire character classes have each received a pass to bring them more in-line with other classes performance and provide a more balanced playing field.


For a look at the full patch notes for the March Update, visit the forums here:


In Kritika Online players can now select from six unique character types—the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, the deadly Reaper, the agile Psion or the Monk fighter. They can play solo or team up with friends to rampage through fast-paced levels, defeating enemies and super-sized level bosses using mega blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics.


Kritika Online is developed by Allm and published by En Masse in North America and Europe. To learn more about Kritika Online visit the official website at or follow the game on Twitter @KritikaGame and Facebook.


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