Oasis Games Reveals One Punch Man: Road to Hero, the Officially Licensed One-Punch Man Mobile Game

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Oasis Games Reveals One Punch Man: Road to Hero, the Officially Licensed One-Punch Man Mobile Game

Starting Today, Fans can Pre-register for the New Card RPG Game as Second Season of the Hit Anime Series Continues to Captivate Fans

June 19, 2019 – The strongest punch is back! Oasis Games Ltd, a leading global game publisher, today announced it is developing the mobile RPG, One Punch Man: Road to Hero, the first officially authorized One-Punch Man game in Western countries. Scheduled to launch on the App Store and Google Play following the hit anime series’ highly anticipated second season, One Punch Man: Road to Hero follows the plot of the original series and includes every character, from the protagonist Saitama to the Deep Sea King, all voiced by the original anime actors. Players will collect and train characters and experience the power of all the heroes from the series—with additional content from the second season slated to come after launch.

The One Punch Man: Road to Hero registration event starts today, and players can register at https://url.oasgames.com/csT to be notified as soon as the game is available on their store. Players who register also be eligible for an in-game gift.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero puts the One-Punch Man story and characters into the hands of mobile gamers so they can chart their own path to the top,” said Jinyang Xu, Producer of One Punch Man: Road to Hero at Oasis Games. “We are focusing on making all aspects of the game authentic, allowing players to extend the world of the anime series into an interactive playground where they can battle, train and collect all their favorite heroes.”

One Punch Man: Road to Hero is adapted from the popular anime series, itself based on the manga written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata that has sold over 15 million copies sold worldwide. The game, which features all the original plot and characters from the first season of the series, provides a playground where players can live in the anime world to experience the super powers of heroes and mysterious beings. Dozens of chapters allow anime fans to collect and play over 50 characters, monsters and S-Class heroes while training them to become the strongest in the entire world. Even characters seen only briefly in the anime can be further understand by playing the game.

In the One-Punch Man series, a new enemy appears in almost every episode, from Vaccine Man to Mosquito Girl, Carnage Kabuto and later characters such as Lord Boros. In One Punch Man: Road to Hero, players can relive these battles in a turn-based mobile card RPG by forming their own heroic teams and fighting for justice! The game also uses the original anime audio, including the excellent voice acting of Makoto Furukawa (Saitama), Kaito Ishikawa (Genos), Kaji Yuki (Speed-o’-Sound Sonic) and many others.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero has multiple battle modes, including PvP, and during development, aside from adjusting the strength and balance of the cards, Oasis Games is dedicated to delivering an authentic One-Punch Man title for fans new and old—and constantly working to make the game more interesting and strategic. No single card can determine a battle’s outcome, and only by matching different card strengths can a truly powerful team be made. Additionally, the game has a built-in video record function, so players can save their best battles and share them with friends!

Game Features

  • Officially Authorized: An authentic recreation of the original hit anime series, featuring the original anime voice acting
  • Play Every Battle: Relive thrilling confrontations with powerful mysterious beings, such as Vaccine Man, Deep Sea King and Lord Boros
  • More Than 50+ Collectable Characters: The game includes powerful mysterious beings and S-Class heroes, and players can learn more through training them
  • Power is King: Use a combination of strategy and strength to reach the summit through multiple battle modes, and save in-game battle videos to share moments of glory!
  • Share Gameplay Strategy: Browse the player review section to learn all the characters, or chat with players to discuss optimal strategies

Developed and published by Oasis Games, One Punch Man: Road to Hero is scheduled to be released for iOS and Android as a free download with optional in-game purchases. For more info please visit the official fan page at https://www.facebook.com/OnePunchMan.Game/.

About Oasis Games

Oasis Games was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 and has become a top global interactive entertainment publisher. The company’s games have been translated into 16 different languages and published in more than 130 countries, with two billion registered users worldwide. Flagship game titles include Legend Online, Naruto Online, Final Fantasy Awakening, Mountains and Seas and many more. In 2015, Oasis Games became Sony’s first official partner in Shanghai, becoming mainland China’s largest console game distributor. In 2016, the Bandai Namco officially licensed browser game, Naruto Online, amassed 20 million active users, earning Facebook’s “Game of the Year”. Oasis Games will continue to follow the concept of multi-platform distribution, to bring excellent products to players across the globe. For more information, please visit www.oasgames.com.