MunkyFun Bringing Its Popular League of War Franchise to PlayStation®VR with League of War: VR Arena

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MunkyFun Bringing Its Popular League of War Franchise to PlayStation®VR with League of War: VR Arena


Players Will Face Off this Fall in Arena-based Strategic Battles with an Emphasis on Action, Quick Thinking & Explosions; Place & Aim Your Units on the Battlefield to Destroy the Enemy!


August 15, 2017 – MunkyFun, a San Francisco-based independent game developer, today revealed it is bringing its highly successful League of War strategy game franchise to PlayStation®VR exclusively with the new arena-based arcade war game, League of War: VR Arena. In the action-oriented strategy game built from the ground up to create a powerful VR experience, players will fight short, intense battles against human or AI opponents, vying to lead their side to victory by physically placing and aiming units on the arena battlefield to destroy the opposing army’s towers and base.


In League of War: VR Arena, each army has 12 units including tanks, flamethrowers, helicopters and commanders, of which four are randomly available at any one time. Each unit requires energy to deploy, with more powerful units requiring more energy and taking longer to charge up. Using Move controllers, players will directly place and aim their units at the opponent—with the opponent doing the same in real time—as if they were a giant-sized general overseeing a virtual battlefield. The winner is the first player to destroy the opposing base to claim victory.


 “League of War: VR Arena is designed to be a powerful experience that puts players in charge of a high tech, aggressive army on a living, tabletop-style battlefield,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-Founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “As you throw your units into battle, strategically choosing between quick strikes and slower but more powerful units, your opponent does the same, creating a pulse-pounding mix of strategy and action that is highly engaging on PlayStation VR.”


The game features both a single player Campaign mode and an Arcade mode where players face off head-to-head via the game’s Social Screen interface and build their own custom armies. Controls are highly intuitive and direct with the PS VR hardware—grab a unit and throw it on the battlefield! The pace is quick, and action is intense and the fun only stops to give you a chance to catch your breath before the next battle. Regardless of whether the opponent is human or silicon-based, the game thrives on a simple to play, difficult to master mantra. Should you wait for a powerful tank to charge, or immediately attack with an inexpensive recon unit that can distract the enemy while you prepare your big move? Should you deploy a helicopter to attack infantry, or wait to pair it with artillery for a more effective combo attack? These are the choices desktop generals will make in League of War: VR Arena!


Developed and published by MunkyFun, League of War: VR Arena will be exclusively released for PlayStation®VR early this fall, with more details revealed in the near future. This game has been rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB.


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MunkyFun, founded in 2008, is an independently-owned game development and publishing company focused on bringing high-quality 3D games with unique game mechanics to the masses. Located in downtown San Francisco, the team is comprised of veteran game developers experienced on both console and mobile. The dev team has created several award-winning titles including a technically advanced first-person shooter, one of the first networked multiplayer experiences on mobile. MunkyFun has shipped many high quality games both independently and in partnership with top industry publishers, and is the creator and owner of the successful League of War franchise, which it is bringing to PS VR with League of War: VR Arena. For more information, please visit


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