MetaArcade Reveals Gen Con Plans, Creators Program for Cthulhu Chronicles

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MetaArcade Reveals Gen Con Plans, Creators Program for Cthulhu Chronicles


WhoMetaArcade, a developer of interactive fiction games including Cthulhu Chronicles, in partnership with Chaosium, creator of the popular tabletop RPG game, Call of Cthulhu.


What:The new narrative horror game, Cthulhu Chronicles™, recently launched on the App Store to bring the essence of the Call of Cthulhu award-winning roleplaying system into a story-driven, intuitive experience designed for mobile gamers, and MetaArcade will be launching Blackwater Creek, the ninth and final episode of the game’s first campaign, Investigations in Lovecraft Country, on Day One of Gen Con 2018. As with all scenarios, Blackwater Creek was created with MetaArcade’s proprietary Adventure Creator tool, which allows creators to write branching scenarios with combat and decision points, images, and immersive music and sound effects.


To celebrate the creative nature of Gen Con, MetaArcade will be announcing its new Cthulhu Creators program where content creators can sign up to write their own scenarios for Cthulhu Chronicles using the Adventure Creator platform. More details will be announced at the show, so book an appointment for hands-on demos, interviews with MetaArcade Founder and CEO, David Reid, and full details!


Where: Gen Con 2018 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, in the Chaosium Booth #829 (in the center of the Exhibit Hall, behind Catan)


When: 30-minute to one-hour appointments on August 2–5, 10 AM–6 PM daily and 10–4 on Sunday, August 5th.


Book Appointments/Interviews at Gen Con by registering desired meeting times via this signup form.


Background: Cthulhu Chronicles is designed for both interactive fiction fans and Cthulhu veterans looking for a way to play between sessions. All that is required to play is an inquisitive mind, an iPhone or iPad, and a readiness to face a vast, malevolent presence. Players can choose to play as various archetypal investigator characters such as a policewoman or private detective to pursue missions involving crazy cults, sinister creatures, and horrors from beyond space. Players choose an appropriate investigator for each mission, with each investigator having their own strengths and weaknesses as well as individual storylines. At key decision points, players will make choices that matter, as each story has multiple endings and numerous clues to uncover—which in turn unlock new storylines and outcomes as the campaign unfolds.


Cthulhu Chronicles from MetaArcade is now available for iOS as a free download with in-app purchases. Keep in touch with the latest MetaArcade news by following @MetaArcade and