Meet Your Maker Unveils Early Post-Launch Content Roadmap

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Meet Your Maker Unveils Early Post-Launch Content Roadmap  

Take a Sneak Peek at its Upcoming Major Content Update – Sector 1: Dreadshore

Montréal, QC – March 30, 2023 – As Meet Your Maker gears up for its multiplatform launch on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 4, Behaviour Interactive is excited to announce today its plans on supporting Meet Your Maker for the long-term by unveiling the first three months of the post-launch content roadmap.

“While Meet Your Maker will launch with a full arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, Custodians, and more already included for players to discover and master, we have a strong post-launch plan that will be delivering content designed to constantly expand the players’ toolbox,” shares Ash Pannell, Creative Director of Meet Your Maker. “Keeping things fresh, ever-changing, and always unexpected is our mission when it comes to adding content to Meet Your Maker.”

Here is a first look at the first three months of content players can expect in the wasteland.

New Deco Pack: Hellscape (Free / Instant Access)

A few weeks after launch, Meet Your Maker will inject a totally new aesthetic into the game with the addition of the Hellscape Deco Pack, a free Deco Pack update.

Combining organic matter and industrial materials to eerie effect, pulsing animations and sinister lighting will make players feel as though they’re raiding inside a living organism.

The Hellscape Deco Pack includes:

  • 2 Blocks(each available in 3 shapes)
  • 2 Props
  • 1 Animated Prop
  • 8 Decals

New Mods and Augments (Free / Unlockable with playtime)

Rolling out as multiple releases over Meet Your Maker’s first several months, players will be able to unlock new Mod and Augment additions for existing traps and guards. Each new Mod or Augment will be added directly to the trap or guard Advisor station and will be unlockable via playtime using in-game currency.

Builders will suddenly gain new ways to affect their traps and guards, giving them even more control over their setups and combos to outsmart Raiders. For Raiders, just when they think they’ve gotten things figured out, they’ll face more challenges to overcome.

Major Content Update – Sector 1: Dreadshore

If you thought the world of Meet Your Maker was confined to the deserts of the Red Sands, think again. Arriving in late June 2023, Meet Your Maker will take players beyond the desert with our first major content update, Sector 1: Dreadshore.

For starters, a new environment and a new deco pack will be instantly available for free to all players as soon as the update is released. The environment introduces a new region of Meet Your Maker post-apocalyptic world where players will be able to build using a new Sector-themed set of building blocks designed to create a completely different style of Outpost.

“We will also release 4 gameplay elements all of which are unlockable by playing Meet Your Maker. The items are a new Custodian with its Perks, a new Weapon with its Upgrades, a new Trap with its Mods and a new Guard with its Augments,” added Ash Pannell. “Each item is designed to shake up the game’s meta and will be themed to match the new Sector. Players will also be able to purchase these gameplay elements via platform stores.”

Finally, we will be releasing a cosmetic collection which will include a new Deco Pack, a new Custodian Skin, and a new Weapon Skin, all related to the fantasy of Sector 1. This cosmetic collection will be available to purchase via platform stores.

Sector 1: Dreadshore includes:

  • 1 New Environment (Free/Instant Access)
  • 1 New Deco Pack (Free/Instant Access)
  • 4 New Gameplay Elements (Unlockable via playtime or purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam)
    • Custodian + Perks*
    • Weapon + Upgrades*
    • Trap + Mods*
    • Guard + Augments*
  • 1 New Cosmetic Collection (Purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox or Steam)

*Perks, Upgrades, Mods and Augments are only unlockable via playtime once the associated gameplay element has first been unlocked.

Meet Your Maker launches on April 4, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in Asia at 9am JST, in Europe at 10am CEST and Americas at 12pm EDT, and will be available on Steam worldwide at 12pm EDT. Meet Your Maker will host a livestream on launch day at 11am EDT on its official channel.

About Meet Your Maker

From the creators of Dead by Daylight comes Meet Your Maker, Behaviour Interactive’s new spin on the building-and-raiding genre. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, players take on the role of the Custodian, servant to the Chimera: a biological experiment, and the key to humanity’s salvation. Tasked with seeking out uncorrupted genetic material, they must defend and steal this vital resource by building and raiding deadly maze-like structures known as Outposts.

Designed for strategy and action fans alike, Meet Your Maker will grow over time, adding new content and featuring an ever-expanding toolbox of traps, guards, and gear. Meet Your Maker will be available April 4, 2023 on all platforms – Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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About Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is the largest Canadian gaming studio, with more than 1,200 employees worldwide. Behaviour is best known for its flagship franchise, the multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight, which has entertained over 50 million players across multiple platforms. The studio is currently expanding its portfolio of original IP with multiple projects, including the highly anticipated base building and raiding title Meet Your Maker. Behaviour has also established itself as one of the world’s foremost providers of external development services.

The company has partnered with many of the gaming industry’s leaders, including Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner, Netflix, and Take-Two, among many others. Over 30 years, Behaviour has developed an unparalleled, award-winning culture. The company was named one of the Best Places To Work in Canada by, and has been recognized with Deloitte Canada’s Enterprise Fast 15 and Best Managed Company awards. Headquartered in Montreal, Behaviour has expanded its global presence with studios in Toronto (Behaviour Toronto), Seattle (Midwinter Entertainment), and the United Kingdom (Behaviour UK – North).

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