Kritika Online Kicks off 2018 with the Chosen Path Update Featuring Enlightened Monk Class and New Imprint System

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Kritika Online Kicks off 2018 with the Chosen Path Update Featuring Enlightened Monk Class and New Imprint System


Balance the Light and the Dark in the New Year


En Masse Entertainment will give players a kickass New Year’s present via a new update, dubbed Chosen Path, for its stylized, fast-paced online anime action brawler, Kritika Online later this month. Players can now utilize the game’s sixth character class: the brand-new Monk, which uses powerful kicks and punches to destroy his enemies, now available on the Public Test Server for an early look! Further, all classes will soon benefit from the new Imprint system, which allows players to customize their combat skills to match their fighting style. The Imprint system adds a major new element of player-controlled specialization, bringing more diversity to the popular game.


During his galacian martial art training, the Monk was struck by a corrupted creature, leaving him scarred and imbued with an alien dark magic. Control the dark energy and pummel enemies with the power of the stars.


The Chosen Path update will also include the pet renewal and new pet features, and new PvP options including 2v2 deathmatches and new PvP map. There are also additional other improvements that can be seen via the patch notes here. Following a test period on the game’s Public Test Server that allows players to preview new content, the changes will bring the standard Western version to the game closer to the Asian feature set — an important initiative by En Masse for its dedicated community.


Following the successful programs in 2017, Kritika Online is moving full steam ahead with the Monk update and ongoing community support. And there will be more to come in 2018!


Check out the official news post with additional information about the Monk class coming with the Chosen Path update here. The Kritika Online team has created a preview video for the update that can be viewed here, and their first Producer Video for the year, which takes a look back at the game through 2017 and ahead at what’s to come in 2018, that can be viewed here.


In Kritika Online, players can now select from six unique character types—the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, the deadly Reaper, the agile Psion or the new Monk fighter. They can play solo or team up with friends to rampage through fast-paced levels, defeating enemies and super-sized level bosses using mega blades, alchemical superguns and dazzling acrobatics.


Kritika Online is developed by ALLm and published by En Masse in North America and Europe. To learn more about Kritika Online visit the official website at or follow the game on Twitter @KritikaGame and Facebook.


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