Help Robot Wizard Postpone the Apocalypse! Jengo’s FIG Backstage Pass Starts Today!

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Help Robot Wizard Postpone the Apocalypse! Jengo’s FIG Backstage Pass Starts Today!

The New Classic Inspired Point & Click Adventure Details its Funding and Stretch Goals


Paris March 15, 2018 — Independent game publisher Playdius is honored to announce its support of Robot Wizard’s FIG Backstage Pass for Jengo, launching today. The Backstage Pass is the last step before going live on a Fig Campaign, which requires the studio to gather early backers. Playdius will act as Robot Wizard’s key marketing partner to handle distribution, trade show events and rewards shipping. Jengo will also be available for hands-on demoing at GDC 2018 in San Francisco, California from March 20 – March 23, along with Playdius’ other upcoming titles.


Currently being designed and developed by South African studio Robot Wizard, Jengo is a point & click adventure game in the purest old-school tradition, taking inspiration from the golden era of the genre. Play as Jeff, a disgruntled gaming prodigy summoned to a remote town of the Pixelverse called Old Meta, whose sky is blighted by a large crack which slowly consumes the land. An army of Faceless guards protect the large crack and destroy whoever tries to approach it. Will Jeff’s skills with a mouse and keyboard help him fend off the Apocalypse?


“We are really excited about Jengo hitting the FIG Backstage pass phase of its development cycle”, said Louis du Pisani, Lead creative designer and writer at Robot Wizard. “This is where we can fully involve the gaming community in this project to finally bring Jengo to life. After literally demoing the game around the world, digesting the feedback and crafting the game’s experience, we and our friends at Playdius can now put Jengo’s destiny in the hands of the public. Back Jengo on FIG and help us point and click our way into history!”


The FIG Backstage Pass of Jengo is now online on FIG’s website. Funding goals, stretch goals, rewards and a FAQ of the campaign are fully detailed.


To stay up to date on the latest news and information regarding Jengo’s FIG Campaign, please visit the official website, and follow Jengo’s official Twitter account and Facebook page.


To watch the new FIG Campaign trailer for Jengo, please head here:



To request an appointment to see Playdius’ games during GDC, including Jengo, please email the Playdius PR team at the media inquiry above.



Robot Wizard is a South-African indie game studio founded by Louis De Pisani, Artist and Designer and Graeme Selvan, developer and former PR manager for Microsoft Xbox South Africa. Robot Wizard is currently working on its first game, called Jengo.



Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, video game distribution leader based in France. Since 2015, we are patiently building a strong line up on PC, Consoles and Mobile with games from all over the world such as Hover, Bury Me My Love, Splasher or upcoming Away and Edge of Eternity.


Our ambition is to bring to the players the very best of incredible indie production, with creative and different games that match with our motto: “Play Outside the Box”.