Gamescom 2018: Playdius Plays Outside the Box with Three Premium Mobile Titles Slated for Late 2018

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Gamescom 2018: Playdius Plays Outside the Box with
Three Premium Mobile Titles Slated for Late 2018


Experience Time-Travelling with Chroniric XIX, an Unconventional Love Story with Spitkiss, and Stay, a Nail-biting Thriller where Every Second Counts


Cologne, Germany — Aug. 23, 2018 — Playdius, publishing branch of Plug In Digital, confirms its ambitions to continue bringing truly unique gaming experiences to mobile platforms on the first day of Gamescom 2018. Following critically acclaimed successes, including Bury Me, My Love, an award-winning narrative focused game that tells the story of a Syrian refugee through text messages, and A Normal Lost Phone, a game about exploring the intimacy of a stranger whose phone is found by the player, comes three more titles officially announced today, contributing to Playdius’ growing line-up of eclectic premium mobile games that deliver deep storytelling and unique gameplay experiences.


On show at Gamescom 2018 for the first time at the Playdius booth located at Hall 4.1 | Booth B029, media, partners, and attendees are invited to visit for a closer look at new mobile titles Chroniric XIX, Spitkiss, and STAY.


Chroniric XIX

Real-time narrative game about time-traveling and uchronia by We Are Chroniric

Release on iOS on September 27, 2018 – TBD on Android





Chroniric XIX delivers interactive fiction in real-time. The player intercepts a mysterious message from the past, a past far different from ours. At this time, a XIXth uchronic century, Echo XIX^ is a time patroller who works behind the scenes of History. Send and receive messages through time in a real-time conversation with Echo XIX^. From now, both the fate of the world and Echo XIX^ are in your hands. Echo XIX^ progresses at her own pace. Her adventure takes place in real-time over several days: you receive notifications that keep you updated on her progress.


  • 3 ways to play: Protector, Dodger, Daredevil
  • 3 different endings
  • Time loops with direct consequences on the plot
  • Mini-puzzles
  • 15 ways to save Echo XIX^ from mortal danger
  • 7 laws of time to unlock
  • 30 objects and clues to find
  • 40 achievements to unlock



Unconventional love story told through precision platforming by Triple Topping Games

Release on iOS & PC Steam on October 11, 2018 – TBD on Android


With an innovative swipe-to-jump mechanic optimized for modern touchscreens and touchpads, Spitkiss throws out virtual buttons and other tropes of classic platformers: it is a true one finger platformer.


You play as the Spitkissers, sending messages of love and hope back and forth the only way you can: precisely navigating spit through platforming stages. Precision and reflexes will be needed as spit trickles, bounces, and drips through levels.


The game includes themes of polyamory and genderfluid/non-binary identities on two layers. One story takes place in the meta-narrative of the Spitkissers, the other in the hand-drawn tale of Ymer, whose body is represented as the playground of this game.


  • 80 levels with replayable extras
  • A trippy love story told through comics and emojis
  • Organic progression and pee challenges
  • Intuitive and simple swipe-to-jump controls



Nail-biting tale where every second counts by Appnormals Team

Release on iOS on November 8, 2018 – TBD on Android





The award-winning thriller for PC and PlayStation 4 will be coming soon to mobile platforms.


What would you do if a stranger’s fate rested in your fingertips? And how would you cope if every second counted? Award-winning graphic adventure STAY asks those very questions: When Quinn wakes up alone in a locked room with nothing of note save for a computer hooked up to a chat room, you become his single ray of hope. Your choices – and timeliness – will single-handedly shape his escape efforts… or lead him down the path to an untimely end.


STAY plays out in real-time, meaning that every minute spent away from the game is a minute Quinn is left alone. Drop out of conversations or leave Quinn to fend for himself for too long, and there may be consequences.


Quinn is on the edge, and every response matters. Prove yourself a compassionate ally and he’ll learn to trust you, sharing his findings and deepest thoughts. Fail, and his emotions may work against you.


  • Real-time play – the clock never stops
  • 24 chapters,7 different endings, dozens of life-altering choices
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles
  • Designed to be replayed multiple times
  • Explore a myriad of rooms and unearth hidden secrets in subsequent playthroughs


“Mobile is a wonderful playground when you stick to a motto that invites players to “Play Outside the Box,” says Guillaume Jamet, head of publishing at Playdius. “Chroniric, Spitkiss, and Stay are very different from one to another but they do have a strong common point: they are telling strong stories. After Bury Me, My Love and A Normal Lost Phone, it was very important for us to look for the same story telling quality in our new mobile games.”


To stay up to date with the latest news about Playdius’ mobile games, please visit our official website, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, video game distribution leader based in France. Since 2015, we have been patiently building a strong line up on PC, Consoles and Mobile with games from all over the world such as Hover, Bury Me My Love, Splasher or upcoming Away and Edge of Eternity. Our ambition is to bring to the players the very best of incredible indie production, with creative and different games that match with our motto: “Play Outside the Box”.




The team behind Spitkiss is a small independent danish game studio named Triple Topping.

We are 4 core members on our team that work very closely together and value creating a company where people also have spare time, no extra hours, good lunch, and a saying in the design process.




Appnormals Team is an award-winning indie studio from Barcelona, Spain. Co-founded by long-term friends Inaki Diaz and Dani Moya, who respectively worked in multiple fields of design and coding for many years, the creative duo started a journey together because of their passion for pixel art and love for old school games.

After releasing several casual mobile titles such as the acclaimed ‘Super Barista’, Appnormals Team is dedicated to developing genuinely innovative games across multiple platforms; titles which embrace the studio’s quest for original mechanics, unique premises and a hallmark retro look and feel.