First Comic Book Series Designed for Instagram Receives Breakout Hit Reception with Over 10 Million Views

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First Comic Book Series Designed for Instagram Receives Breakout Hit Reception with Over 10 Million Views

The Best of “SUMMER” is Yet to Come!

Social Media Series Producer BIGGER THAN FICTION and co-producer ARTE celebrates early reception of the “rom-com” comic book series Summer, which has quickly surpassed 10 million views and 70,000 followers available in French, German & English, and counting! Through its innovative platform delivery, well crafted original story and stylistic art visuals, Summer has gained quick prominence and popularity as a new form of storytelling for the social generation. Designed to be exclusively experienced on Instagram, the 60 episode second season is in full swing, with the best of Summer to be revealed in the coming days and weeks on Instagram: @summer_arte.


The storyline will offer new reveals and surprises that fans should not miss out on!  Twentysomething, Olivia, continues to find herself through her summer excursions… her sojourn has reached its climax, as secrets and confessions are revealed in unforgettable episodes that change her in ways she never expected. Catch the trailer here:!


Summer Offerings:

  • Hit Comic ‒ The series has attracted over 70,000 Followers with more than 10 million views
  • First of its kind ‒ First comic series for Instagram, with 60 high production episodes developed in 10 panel static and animated episodes for fans to enjoy
  • Original Storyline ‒ Addicting “rom-com” plot tale takes readers along Olivia’s wild summer, partying, sexual exploits and more on her journey to uncover an unforgettable family secret
  • Dynamic Audio ‒ Sounds from the bustling streets of Paris, blasting music on a road trip, tunes from desert parties, and voiceover give another dimension of life to each of the panels
  • Living panels‒ Panoramic images carry the reader from panel to panel and animation complimented by audio and interactivity enhance each moment
  • User interaction ‒ Readers can join in on the fun by playing “guess that tune” with Olivia and engage with other fans with almost daily polling on her next move and reactions to the latest episode.

Summer So Far

Last summer, Olivia and Abel decided to break up during the summer to realize their own bucket lists. After a season of unexpected passions, mind altering experiences and thrill seeking, the duo have found new loves and remain the closest of friends.

Life is good for Olivia who spends her days as a construction foreman and her nights with her new lover, Julien, until her world comes crashing down around her. Urgent news reaches Olivia about the death of her grandma with whom she shared a special bond. Grandma, the one that taught her there is no man’s job, that she could do anything she wants to in life.

Olivia inherits a walkman and cassette that changes her life forever. This summer will be a quest she’ll need the aid of Abel and her closest friends for.

There’s someone that was very special to Grandma who holds all of the truths that has vanished without a trace. This summer’s story has been decided for Olivia to fulfill Grandma’s last wish ‒ to find her true love and learn what she was forced to hide till her dying breath. In doing so, it appears that the best of Olivia’s summer is yet to come…


Keep up with Summer on Instagram: @summer_arte!