En Masse Entertainment Rings the Bell for TERA’s Counterpunch Update, Now Live on PC

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En Masse Entertainment Rings the Bell for TERA’s Counterpunch Update, Now Live on PC


Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a BAM with the Male Brawler Class and a Full Month of In-Game Events

SEATTLE, March 13, 2018 — En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today launched the latest free content update for the PC version of flagship True Action Combat MMORPG, TERA. The Counterpunch update, now live and freely available to all players, introduces the male brawler class to join in some equal-opportunity ass-kicking alongside the previously released female brawler. With a full set of unique animations, players can now use the brawler’s signature massive powerfists and punch-and-counter combat rhythm to go the distance regardless of gender!


But what is a new take on a class without new content to conquer and opponents to defeat and boast about? The Counterpunch update also brings back the popular Ruinous Manor dungeon, a fever-dream version of Lilith’s Keep, in both normal and hard difficulties. The dungeon has been re-balanced and improved for the current levels of gear in the game after a short hiatus. PvP fans aren’t left out of the ring with this update and are now able to battle for a top spot on the newly introduced battleground leaderboards. Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring have each received their own leaderboard, allowing players to strive to specialize and maintain dominance in a single battleground or aim to take the leaderboards by storm and top them all!


The team at En Masse is hosting a variety of in-game events coinciding with the release of the Counterpunch update –


  • March 13 – March 20: The TERA team has increased the total number of available character slots to 19 with this update. Log in during launch week to earn a character slot unlock coupon for free!
  • March 13 – April 10: Male brawlers created that reach level 15 during this time will receive one free ‘level up box’ per server. The box will contain helpful items for new brawlers including experience boosts, elite status vouchers, free mounts and more!
  • March 17 – March 18: Log in during the Weekend Warriors Event and play for three hours or more for a free special lootbox containing a shot at the rare Royal Ghost Dragon or Azure Phoenix mounts (and more!) That’s it, no strings attached!
  • March 24 – March 25: Weekend Warriors returns! Another free lootbox and chance at rare mounts and goodies awaits players for simply for playing three hours, for a one-two combo!


For more information on the Counterpunch update for TERA, check out the dedicated update page: http://tera.enmasse.com/events/male-brawler


About En Masse Entertainment

Based in Seattle, Washington, En Masse Entertainment embodies the evolution of modern game publishing. The company’s mission is to publish great games and provide great service. Beginning with its inaugural title, TERA, and continuing with Alliance of Valiant Arms, Kritika Online and Closers, En Masse Entertainment has built a track record of excellence and innovation. The team at En Masse includes experts in online technology, live service, branding, community, and player support, allowing them to thrive as a publisher in the digital era. For more information, visit enmasse.com.