Dreadspire Challenge Dungeon Returns to TERA with Phantom’s Keep Update, Now Live

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Dreadspire Challenge Dungeon Returns to TERA with Phantom’s Keep Update, Now Live


July Monthly Update Includes Updated Versions of Popular Dungeons and Expanded Guardian Legion Events; Monthly Leveling Event for Lancers


SEATTLE, July 12, 2018 — En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today released Phantom’s Keep, the latest monthly content update for their flagship True Action Combat MMO on PC, TERA. Phantom’s Keep includes content for both dungeoneers and open world content fans, with two popular dungeons returning with fresh mechanical and loot updates and the addition of a new type of open world Guardian Legion event: The Dragon Hunt.


As the world of TERA evolves, so should the dungeons that players can tackle! Two previously released dungeons, the popular Dreadspire and Manglemire, are back and better than ever with a fresh set of improvements. Players will once again put their skills to the test as they battle their way up each of Dreadspire’s 10 increasingly difficult floors, earnings a chance at newly introduced Phantom themed armor costume if they clear them all. The deviously mad cyclops Manglemore is back with a fresh bag of tricks ready to keep players guessing in the reintroduced Manglemire dungeon, which will be coming back for limited periods as an event dungeon with the first full weekend taking place July 20- 22. Outwit and overpower Manglemore to earn crafting materials to upgrade gear and take on greater challenges.


Also included are the 2018 Innerwear armor sets Catnap and Catspaw. These are available in game in the Undergarment Box and are purchasable with Goldfinger tokens, an in-game currency that players can get from various means, or through the cash shop. Each method gives players access to one of five different types – Empowering to increase power, Fitness to increase Maximum HP, Fortified to increase Crit Factor, Insulated to increase Endurance, and Performance to increase Maximum MP.


The monthly leveling events kicked off in June continue, with the lancer class being the lucky winner for July. Players who create new or level up older lancers they never reached the level cap with will be rewarded with boxes of in-game goodies at various level milestones. These rewards can only be earned once per server during the respective leveling event. The event will end Wednesday, August 1 at 4:00AM PT / 7:00AM ET, when the August event will kick off for another class. Elite Status players will also be able to take advantage of the Elite Discount Sale this coming weekend giving players discounts on nearly every item in the TERA PC store. This sale begins today and will run until Monday, July 16 at 11:00AM.


For more details on the Phantom’s Keep update coming to TERA PC, visit the promo page on the TERA site here: http://tera.enmasse.com/events/phantoms-keep


For more information on TERA, visit the games website and keep an eye on the official Twitter and Facebook pages.


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