Dead In Vinland Unveils Future DLC Roadmap, Debuts “The Vallhund” DLC Launching Sept. 19 for Survivalists

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Dead In Vinland Unveils Future DLC Roadmap,

Debuts “The Vallhund” DLC Launching Sept. 19 for Survivalists



Who: Playdius, a global independent games publisher, along with French developer CCCP, known for the “Dead-in” survival management game series, Dead In Vinland and Dead In Bermuda.



What: Today, publisher Playdius and developer CCCP reveals a first-look at the official DLC roadmap highlighting three DLC updates in development for the critically acclaimed survival management game, Dead In Vinland. Following a successful Steam launch, both players and critics have praised Dead In Vinland for its gorgeous art style and challenging choices as players lead Eirik and his exiled family of Vikings on a quest to survive on a mysterious and unforgiving island.

According to the roadmap, the first DLC Update, “The Vallhund,” is coming September 19 to PC and Mac, featuring a new game mode and a new scenario. More info will release when The Vallhund DLC goes live on September 19.


In addition, the roadmap also unveils the next two DLC updates scheduled for release in Winter 2018 and Spring 2019.



Background: Developed by French studio CCCP and set in the same universe as CCCP’s first breakout hit Dead In Bermuda, Dead In Vinland pulls from many genres with survival management systems, RPG and adventure elements, with a focus on player choice.


In Dead In Vinland, protagonist Eirik finds himself exiled from his home as he and his family struggle to survive in the new faraway land they call home. Help the Viking family survive and thrive as they run into one hazard after another. Manage their physical and mental health, explore the island, organize your camp and choose wisely when meeting hostile and friendly neighbors on the island. Discover some of the esoteric mysteries in Vinland – ones that could save your life…or lead to your demise.


Dead In Vinland released on April 12 and is now available for PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Origin.


To stay up to date on the latest for Dead In Vinland, please visit the official Dead In Vinland website and follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Discord and Twitter channels.