Bluehole PNIX Launches Fast, Deep and Fun Mobile Strategy Game, Castle Burn

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Bluehole PNIX Launches Fast, Deep and Fun Mobile Strategy Game, Castle Burn

Now Available on Android and iOS, Colorful and Cartoony Game is Full Featured RTS at your Fingertips, Yet Remains as Approachable as Simpler Mobile Strategy Games


SEOUL – August 8, 2018 – Will you be the victor, or will your castle burn? Bluehole PNIX today announced it has launched Castle Burn, a head-to-head real-time strategy battle game, on the App Store and Google Play. As seen in today’s launch trailer, the game is set in a land of fantasy with magic, towers, Vikings, and dragons where players strategically deploy buildings and card-based units to lead their forces to victory and burn their rivals’ castles to the ground.


Castle Burn is a head-on battle of strategy against opponents matched based on player ranking points. Matches happen in real-time as players act to counter their opponent’s moves concurrently, attacking the enemy castle while protecting their own. While launching units, towers, and spells from their card deck, players will build camps and mana sanctums to fuel their efforts. Once either player’s castle is destroyed, the match is over, with the winner earning Crown Points and collecting new cards to upgrade his or her deck.


 “Castle Burn packs the three key elements of classic strategy games—units, buildings, and resources—into a colorful, card-based RTS that is simultaneously approachable and deeply rewarding of true skill and tactics,” said Junghoon Kim, CEO of Bluehole PNIX. “This is a game that mobile strategy fans can jump into and RTS gamers can appreciate while learning to master.”



Before and after matches, players will spend time building and mastering their decks, which contain both powerful individual Heroes and tier-based cards for units, towers, and spells. Players can deploy units for any card they have stored in their master deck, subject to available mana and tier limitations. The castle levels up and more tiers come online as cards are played, with three castle levels/card tiers and six cards available during a match.


The fog of war over the battlefield adds to the tactical play, allowing units to be used as scouts before setting up a successful strike. The Hero can turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor, as each Hero possesses unique skills that increase in strength each time their castle is upgraded. Heroes are especially powerful when used in conjunction with other complementary units—and the same squad strategy can be used with ordinary units as each is strong and weak versus different types of units and towers. Building squads on the fly from your deck to match up against units deployed by your opponent is important. Heroes and units can also be recalled in the heat of battle to save them from destruction, and area of effect (AoE) spell-type attacks can also be deployed using cards. It sounds complex—and there is plenty of depth—but it all flows quickly and smoothly during a battle!


Game Features

  • Over 50 Heroes: Collect, Deploy, and Upgrade a pantheon of powerful characters with personality
  • Buildings, Units & Resources: The three key pillars of RTS play are presented in a streamlined manner that provides more options with less clicking
  • Simple Choices, Complex Outcomes: Where and when you build, what unit combos you assemble, and how you use your Hero and his or her special attack are all key factors
  • Ranked Play: Win ranked matches to advance to higher leagues, obtaining Crown Points, new cards, and maps as you go!
  • Multiple Modes: Play the main PvP mode in both Ranked and casual play (where you won’t lose any Crown Points) as well as single player training and challenge modes
  • Battle Replays: Watch your most recent matches to study opponent strategies and come up with ideas for your next battle, as well as reviewing results in the Battle Records menu


Castle Burn, which is now available for iOS and Android as a free download with in-app purchases, is developed by Delusion Studio and published by Bluehole PNIX. Keep in touch with the latest Bluehole PNIX and Castle Burn news by visiting and by following @pnixgames and


About Bluehole PNIX

Based in Korea and established in 2012 as PNIX Games before joining Bluehole in 2015, Bluehole PNIX has made a mark in the global game market with hit games such as Bowling King, Mini Golf King, Archery King, Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, and Gun Zombie that have attracted millions of players around the world. Its latest game, the head-to-head real-time strategy battle game, Castle Burn, launched on iOS and Android August 8, 2018. For more information, visit