1C Company Reveals New PC Strategy Game, Re-Legion, Alongside Ancestors Legacy Hands-On Xbox One X Previews at PAX South 2018

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1C Company Reveals New PC Strategy Game,
Re-Legion, Alongside Ancestors Legacy Hands-On Xbox One X Previews at PAX South 2018


New Real-Time Strategy Title will be Shown for the First Time at PAX South as Company Showcases Strong Lineup of PC and Console Strategy and Action Games at Booth #10605


PRAGUE, Jan 12, 2018 – 1C Company, a global PC and console games publisher, today announced a new PC title, the cyberpunk real-time strategy game, Re-Legion. The company also revealed that hands-on gameplay for the new title and other upcoming games will be shown at this year’s PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. Re‑Legion joins 1C’s strong PAX South roster of highly anticipated titles, headlined by the RTS strategy game, Ancestors Legacy (PC, Xbox One, Xbox One X), as well as the award-winning strategy and RPG game, Deep Sky Derelicts (PC), and the unique puzzle-based action-adventure title, Haimrik (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4).


1C Company is a global PC and console games publisher with offices in Europe and Russia. The company has launched over 100 games, making it one of the largest publishers and distributors in Eastern and Central Europe. This year’s PAX South lineup provides western gamers a chance to play some of the year’s most anticipated strategy titles for the first time.


“Our newly announced PC title, Re-Legion, completes 1C Company’s rich lineup of action and strategy games that will be shown to PC and console media and fans at PAX South 2018,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, VP of 1C Company. “From the squad-based strategic combat of Ancestors Legacy to the combination of strategy, sci-fi and card combat of Deep Sky Derelicts, attendees are sure to find a game they’ll enjoy.”


Details on the 1C PAX South Lineup


Ancestors Legacy (PC, XB1, X1X, launch 2018) – A squad-based RTS game where Vikings, Saxons, and other nations try to storm medieval Europe in an extensive series of tactical campaigns. Ancestors Legacy will be shown on PC and X1X, with 4K gameplay on X1X.



Re-Legion (PC, launch 2018)

The upcoming cyberpunk tactical strategy game will provide a unique RTS experience with single player and multiplayer modes. Played from a classic isometric, top-down view, the game takes players to the year 2083, where cults start to emerge as people seek their real purpose in a world dominated by huge corporations and advanced technology.



Deep Sky Derelicts (PC, currently in Early Access, launch 2018)

An award-winning original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG game, in a retro sci-fi setting enriched with tactical card combat and popular roguelike elements.



Haimrik (PC, XB1, PS4, launch 2018)

A unique puzzle-based action-adventure title where medieval scribe Haimrik takes on warriors, sorcerers, and dragons using words that come to life. It’s as original—and as fun—as it sounds!



All four titles will be shown in booth #10605 at PAX South during show hours: January 12 – 14, 10 AM – 6 PM daily.


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About 1C Company

Founded in 1991, 1C Company is the largest publisher, distributor and developer of computer and video games in Eastern and Central Europe. 1C Company works as a publisher and producer with over 30 independent development studios and has produced over 100 projects for PC and consoles including titles like Hard Truck 2/King of the Road, Space Rangers, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Faces of War, Men of War series, Perimeter, Fantasy Wars, Death to Spies, King’s Bounty: The Legend and King’s Bounty: Armored Princess. For more information, please visit http://1cpublishing.eu/.


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